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Government's Future Frontiers

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Justice. Security. Health. Technology. The on-the-ground realities of homelessness. The infinite possibilities of space. These are all big issues – bigger than any one organization can handle. Truly tackling the problems and opportunities inherent in these big societal concerns will take a concerted effort from all walks of society – public agencies and private companies, non-profits and academics, multinational foundations and community activists. But no matter what teams are assembled, government will play a key role in constructing the scaffolding on which solutions are built. Government’s Future Frontiers will examine what it takes to confront some of the most pressing issues of today, and the emerging questions that will help build the future. We’ll look at what it takes to build the coalitions of public and private sector players who can take on these issues, and share the solutions and ideas that are emerging from around the globe. Because we can’t predict all the issues that will emerge in the coming years – but we can provide a roadmap to how those issues may be resolved. Government’s Future Frontiers is brought to you by Deloitte Insights and the Center for Government Insights.

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