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Striking Out: Quantum of Solace (Part 2)

Spol 15 sekunder tilbage
Spol 15 sekunder frem

Six months of pre-production. Six months of principal photography.

Six weeks in the edit.

Quantum of Solace has long been seen as a victim of the Writers Strike. But the strike was just one of many, many roadblocks that the film blissfully drove straight through.

Striking Out is a new series of Going Rogue about the 07/08 Writers Guild of America strike, exploring the issues of the strike by looking at the films and TV shows affected by it. 

CONTENT WARNING: In 2023 Paul Haggis lost a civil court case and was ordered to pay $7.5million to a woman who accused him of assault. Four other woman testified during the court case. Haggis denies the accusations.


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