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Striking Out: Quantum of Solace (Part 1)

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In 2005, Daniel Craig was announced as the new James Bond. On the same day, producer Michael G Wilson mentioned that work had already started on Craig's second Bond film.

That film would eventually become Quantum of Solace. And it would be remembered less as a film and more as a casualty of the 2007 Writers Strike.  But how much did the strike really affect Quantum of Solace?

Striking Out is a new series of Going Rogue about the 07/08 Writers Guild of America strike, exploring the issues of the strike by looking at the films and TV shows affected by it. 


In 2023 Paul Haggis lost a civil court case and was ordered to pay $7.5million to a woman who accused him of assault. Four other woman testified during the court case. Haggis denies the accusations.


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