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Striking Out: America's Next Top Model

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In 2006, more than a year before the Writers Strike, twelve producers of America’s Next Top Model walked off their job to demand a new contract: as Writers protected by the Writers Guild of America. The production company refused to bargain with the WGA, worried it would set a dangerous precedent by giving Reality TV producers higher wages, residuals and writer credits. The WGA, on the other hand, were determined to set that precedent.

The Top Model Strike was a disaster.

Reality TV was one of the most complicated issues during the 07/08 Writers Strike - because while the WGA demanded blanket coverage of Reality TV Writers, the TV Networks denied reality TV even had writers and filled their schedules with non-union reality TV shows to ride out the strike. And while the WGA had failed to unionise Reality TV workers, the Director’s Guild of America had already been moderately successful, and weren’t asking for it in their next contract - making them a much easier group for the studios to negotiate with.


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