Giving H.E.D. The Podcast podcast

Giving H.E.D. The Podcast

Sherri Vanderpool

Giving H.E.D. (Happiness, Empowerment and Development) is all about having real conversations with real people that have gone through life striving to achieve these three pillars. This podcast is a platform for those persons to provide you with eye-opening factual knowledge and testimony on how they were able to achieve those pillars and more, all while pivoting into this new mature phase of their life. If you are looking to find Happiness, Empowerment and Development in this new phase of your life and you are unsure of how to get there, then this podcast is for you. These narratives will help you connect with others who have been there before and are not afraid to share with you their testimony about finding their H.E.D. so you can find yours.

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