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Ep 7 - School Is SO Boring! Using Adaptive Apps to Supercharge Learning, featuring Anna Davlantes

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It’s easy for gifted kids to get bored in school because they often grasp lessons and concepts faster than their peers. This can cause some of them to tune out, and prevent them from reaching their full potential. 

But there’s good news. Today’s technology has spawned new learning tools called adaptive apps that can help learners stay engaged and challenged. 

We turn the tables in this episode, with Emmy Award-winning journalist and talk show host Anna Davlantes interviewing our Gifted Minds’ show host, MacKenzie Price, about what exactly adaptive apps are, and how they can help gifted kids take control of their own learning.

Listen now to hear about:

  • How adaptive apps work [04:51], and the learning science behind them [06:56];
  • How kids feel about adaptive apps—including video clips of students sharing their experiences [08:20];
  • The importance of embracing learning technology to support your child’s future [11:12]; and
  • How to get started with adaptive apps, and a few of MacKenzie’s favorites for advanced learners [14:34]. 

Don’t miss Today’s Takeaways! 

Listen all the way to the end of the episode for three tips on how to help your children excel in their learning. 


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About Anna Davlantes

Anna is a seven-time Emmy Award winner and Northwestern Medill School of Journalism graduate who has broken major stories and carved out a reputation for original reporting and uncovering wrongdoing and inequality. She has worked for NBC Chicago as an anchor/reporter. She was a morning news anchor at Fox Chicago and did a talk show for PBS. She is also an underwater documentarian who won three Emmy Awards for her Get into the Shark Tank series.


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  • Senior Producer: Amanda Avery
  • Senior Editor: Alisa Jenkins, Springboard Marketing
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  • Video Production/Editing: Kevin Smith, Picturebox Productions
  • Music Producer: Dyami Wilson 

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