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Ep 4 - The F Word: Fear of Failure in Kids, featuring Fish Stark

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Failing is a natural part of life and essential to personal growth. But gifted and talented kids, who often excel in many areas, can find it especially hard to process setbacks. As parents and caregivers, how can we help them cope with failure, build resilience, and develop a positive attitude about challenges? 

For this episode in our Life Skills series, I’m talking with Legend’s head of program and curriculum, Fish Stark. He’s a child development researcher and program designer who specializes in helping kids learn core life skills they often don't get in schools. Hit play to hear our conversation about:

  • When confidence gaps usually start to develop in children [05:26];
  • How praise can undermine your kid’s success [06:22];
  • How to talk about failure when it happens [09:59]; and
  • How to help your child process discomfort and learn from their experiences [12:42].

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Listen all the way to the end of the episode for three tips to help your gifted kids get comfortable with failure and build resilience. 

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  • Check out the video version of this episode on the Gifted Minds YouTube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!
  • Learn more about Legend Labs.
  • Learn more about GT School, an online program that helps gifted and talented kids supercharge their academics.

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About Fish Stark

Fish Stark is a child development researcher and program designer who specializes in helping kids learn the core life skills they often don't get in schools. He is the head of program and curriculum at Legends Lab, where he leads a team of researchers and educators to develop learning experiences that help kids build the skills they need to be confident.

Before Legends Lab, Fish was director of programs at Peace First, an edtech nonprofit that provided tools for teens to launch their own self-directed service projects. Fish has worked with the Red Cross, the Aspen Institute, Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, and other organizations to build programs that help young people grow up strong and kind, and develop the leadership skills they need to change the world. He holds a Master's in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor's from Yale University with a certificate in Education Studies, and the title of Funniest Person in Huntington, West Virginia from his side gig as a stand-up comic.


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