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Ep 2 - Do the Laundry! Preparing GT Kids for Real Life, with Duke University Professor Sue Wasiolek

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So much of what allows gifted and talented (GT) kids to excel is the development of life skills. These encompass the wide range of know-how that GT kids need to grow into capable and compassionate adults, from exercising self control, to setting goals and learning how to lead. 

For this episode, I talk with Duke University Professor Sue Wasiolek about how to prepare our GT kids for the world outside the classroom. She has spent decades helping young people develop the skills they need for a successful and rewarding life. Listen to our conversation about: 

  • Examples of life skills that many GT kids are lacking [05:22];
  • How to help your GT child manage and set priorities from an early age [14:20];
  • Why and how to let your GT kids fail [15:16]; and
  • Ever Scouts, a program to help GT kids master life skills [16:40].

Don’t miss Today’s Takeaways! 

Listen all the way to the end of the episode for three tips to help ensure your GT kids thrive in academics and life. 


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About Dean Sue Wasiolek

Dean Sue Wasiolek (more commonly known as Dean Sue) is Adjunct Faculty at Duke University. She encourages students to study and base their careers around what they love. She thinks of her time with students not as a job, but as a way of life. In her free time, she can be found jogging around Durham or working out at the gym with students.


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