Gifted Minds: Beyond the Classroom podcast

Gifted Minds: Beyond the Classroom

MacKenzie Price

Inspire your gifted and talented (GT) student’s love of learning and passion for life. Gifted Minds: Beyond the Classroom is your source for information and activities that help exceptional kids thrive as they build life skills and become life-long learners. Many traditional school systems let down students with a passion for learning. Gifted Minds bridges this gap and helps GT children fulfill their potential in: ACADEMICS: help them take ownership and accelerate learning in areas they love. LIFE SKILLS: encourage leadership, critical thinking, and strong habits. EMOTIONAL HEALTH: give them tools to build healthy goals, develop lasting relationships, and engage with their community. Host MacKenzie Price is the mother of two GT kids and founder of the online program and an alt-ed K-12 Alpha school in Austin, Texas. Her mission is to empower families to nurture their GT children’s abilities. Like and follow the Gifted Minds podcast today!

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