Functional Fertility with Dr. Kalea Wattles podcast

Mental Health Matters with Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Everest Goldstein

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In this episode of The Functional Fertility Podcast, host Dr. Kalea Wattles is joined by Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Everest Goldstein to explore the intricate connections between stress and fertility. They delve into the effects of stress on hormonal and gut health, emphasizing how these factors can significantly impact reproductive health.

The conversation then shifts to mental health, particularly in the context of fertility, pregnancy, and the postpartum period. They address the importance of managing mental health, especially for those with a history of anxiety or depression. The discussion highlights the key nutrients that, when deficient, can exacerbate anxiety while also being critical for reproductive health.

Everest shares insights on the physiological benefits of meditation and mindfulness and emphasize how these practices can help reduce stress and improve fertility. She also answers an important listener question about the challenges of discontinuing anti-anxiety medication before pregnancy. 

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