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Hormone Testing: At-Home Options For Your Fertility Journey with Dr. Amy Divaraniya

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In this episode of The Functional Fertility Podcast, Dr. Kalea Wattles welcomes Oova founder Dr. Amy Divaraniya to discuss at-home hormone testing, a tool that's reshaping fertility monitoring. They discuss various hormones that can be measured from home and answer listener questions about integrating these tests with traditional methods like tracking basal body temperature or cervical mucus. Dr. Divaraniya highlights the benefits of at-home monitoring for understanding fertility issues, comparing hormone levels detected by Oova with those measured in blood tests. They explore how at-home tests can reveal hormonal patterns that might not be detected through other means, aiding women with irregular cycles and those preparing for IVF. This discussion underscores the value of at-home hormone monitoring in providing deeper insights into reproductive health.

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