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Awaken Your Fertility Potential with Michelle Oravitz

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Don't miss this episode of The Functional Fertility Podcast, where host Dr. Kalea Wattles sits down with Michelle Oravitz to discuss the profound role of awareness in reproductive health. Michelle, author of the new book, "The Way of Fertility: Awaken Your Reproductive Potential through the Transformative Power of Ancient Wisdom," reveals why she believes awareness is a superpower when navigating fertility challenges. The conversation explores the initial discomfort that comes with heightened awareness and how Michelle guides her clients through these feelings to cultivate a deeper sense of self-understanding. They delve into barriers to optimal fertility, the importance of aligning with our natural circadian rhythms, and the interconnectedness of the heart, mind, and reproductive organs. Michelle also shares a powerful exercise for prospective parents, highlighting the critical role of love in the conception process. This episode is packed with insights for anyone looking to tap into their innate intelligence and enhance their fertility journey.

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