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The Scandals of President Grover Cleveland

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Have you ever heard of fly-over states? You know states where people just think that they're not interesting enough to even land in. Well, I used to think that there were flyover presidents, presidents in American history that we're not noteworthy enough to even remember. But after talking to our season finale guest, my mind has been changed! President Grover Cleveland was once one of those flyover presidents, but our guest Kenny Ryan from the Abridged Presidential History podcast wove me a tale of two Telenovela-worthy scandals. I'm talking secret babies, putting a woman in an asylum, and a secret yacht mouth cancer surgery! So why don't you push play already, because you're not gonna wanna miss the season finale episode! (Instagram) (Patreon) (Link Tree) Email: [email protected] ( ([Abridged] Presidential Histories by Kenny Ryan) (Twitter) (Spotify) (Facebook)

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