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The Scandalous History of TV Game Shows

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Welcome to the first episode of season 3!! Your vote is my command! We’re starting the season strong with an episode l about the TV game show scandals of the 1950s. Sex scandals, fixed games, a serial killer?! What more could you want in an episode?! We’ll start off with a brief history of the TV and how we got game shoes in the first place! Then we move on to the scandal. But don’t leave to soon because I’ve got quite the final thought for this episode, a serial killer is involved!! And I’ve got a special season 3 announcement at the end!!! So what are you waiting for!! Get this episode into your ear holes friend!!! (Instagram) (Patreon) (Link Tree) Email: [email protected] ( (Voice mail!! ) (New Merch!! ) Further Reading (The Rigged Quiz Shows That Gave Birth to 'Jeopardy!') (Sexual harassment, serial killers & cheaters: The dark side of game shows) (Loss of Innocence: America’s Scandals in the Post-War Years) (An Examination of Television Quiz Show Scandals of the 1950s) (The Scandalous History of Television Game Shows) (Famous 21 rigged episode)

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