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The Mysteries of Easter Island: not just the big heads

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You can't say Easter Island without immediately thinking about the giant head statues and Night at the Museum(ya know the movie)! But what if I told you the heads are not the only mysteries the island holds? This week we will be diving into the mysteries and myths of the island; cannibal caves, killer rats, terrible island naming, and debunking archeology rumors! What are you waiting for friend?! Press play!! (Instagram) (Patreon) (Link Tree) Email: [email protected] ( (Voice mail!! ) (New Merch!! ) Further Reading (Easter Island Statue Project) (The Famous Easter Island Heads Have Hidden Bodies) (The So-called Mystery of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)) (What’s the story behind the mystery of Easter Island? It’s not set in stone) (Top 5 Easter Island Myths - Busted!) (Unearthing Easter Island’s Moai) (Jacob Roggeveen And The First European Contact With Easter Island) (NPR / What Happened On Easter Island — A New (Even Scarier) Scenario) Videos/Documentary (EASTER ISLAND 🗿: Ancient paintings inside Cave of Men Easters (Ana Kai Tangata)) (6. Easter Island - Where Giants Walked)

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