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Sparrow School: Russian sexpionage

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What's a history lover like you doing in a place like this?! That would be my opening line if I were a Russian sex spy! I'm not but I do know a bunch about them now and I want to tell you about those sexy sparrows this week. We'll dive into the history of State Spy School #4, honey pot traps, and a french ambassador with the same last name as mustard who was a sexpionage victim for years! So what are you waiting for, get this episode into your earholes!!! (Instagram) (Patreon) (Link Tree) Email: [email protected] ( (Voice mail!! ) (New Merch!! ) Further Reading (SEXPIONAGE WHY WE CAN'T RESIST THOSE KGB SIRENS) (‘sexpionage’ agents and the real-life Red Sparrows used the art of seduction to wage a very hot war against the West) (‘Red Sparrow’ used to be an actual phenomenon during the Cold War, and in some ways still is: Author) Lecture (WATCH: Stalin’s Singing Spy) Book (Stalin's Singing Spy) (The A to Z of Sexspionage )

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