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Nigel Farage on big game fishing and more – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 60

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Nigel Farage may be passionate about Europe but he is fundamentalist about bluefin tuna fishing. He says that, thanks to Brexit, the UK is able to develop its own bluefin sport fishing business. 

He explains the thrill of catching Britain’s most significant big game fish, which you can now do in a limited number of boats out of Cornish ports, fishing tag-and-release.

It’s not just fishing. Nigel speaks up for taking the opportunity to set fire to European regulations. He wants to see a rethink on the ban on lead shot. 

Above all, he tells country people to put pressure on the government. “I am struck that while there are still millions of us engaged in angling and shooting, we don’t have many political champions.”

It’s not just government. “We have got to deal with the RSPB who appear to have completely lost their marbles,” he says. 

Nigel praises Donald Trump as a peacekeeper - and speaks to  

Nigel predicts a Liz Truss win, though he doubts she will taker the UK out of the European Court of Human Rights.

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