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Shayna Oliveira

On the Espresso English podcast, you'll learn English grammar, vocabulary, phrases, idioms, and more. Espresso English lessons are clear and practical, making it easy to learn the language quickly and effectively. Visit to get English courses and e-books that will help you learn faster!

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  • Espresso English Podcast podcast

    40 interesting collocations for communication


    Today let’s expand your vocabulary by learning 40 interesting collocations (combinations of words) with the key words comment, conversation, and speech. This is a free sample lesson from our newest course - Advanced Vocabulary and Collocations - so if you like the lesson, join the course to get more! Do you want to take your vocabulary from "average" to "amazing"? The Advanced Vocabulary and Collocations Course will help you express yourself more fluently, without using the same basic words over and over. You'll learn 1,000+ high-level English words AND how to put them together in ways that sound natural. This helps you sound more sophisticated when you speak and write in English :-)
  • Espresso English Podcast podcast

    Do you ATTEND class or ATTEND TO class?


    Today’s lesson is a quick tip about a small difference that could really mix you up – do you attend English class, or attend to English class? Watch the lesson to find out! (I'll also explain when to use call vs. call to) It’s in these tiny little details where English learners – even more advanced ones – often make mistakes. And that’s why it’s so important to get some feedback and correction on your writing from a native English speaker. You can get that inside our Advanced English Grammar Course. In addition to 45 lessons teaching you grammar in great detail, you also have the option to add teacher feedback – you can practice your writing and get it corrected by the Espresso English teaching team. This is really for the most dedicated English learners and it’s super valuable to get personalized feedback – so I hope we’ll see you inside that course!
  • Espresso English Podcast podcast

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  • Espresso English Podcast podcast

    11 word pairs with CONFUSING pronunciation


    Let's practice pronunciation together! We'll work on pairs of words with confusing pronunciation - in which the same combinations of letters are pronounced differently. One very frustrating thing about the English language is that the pronunciation is irregular. There aren’t strict pronunciation rules that you could memorize and always know exactly how words are pronounced – it’s just not possible. There ARE some pronunciation patterns… but there are also exceptions to those patterns! Some letters and combinations of letters have multiple different pronunciations, and you can’t know which one to use just by reading the word; you need to hear the word. That’s why listening and repeating is so important. You can improve your pronunciation fast inside my American English Pronunciation Course – we’ll learn and practice all the sounds of the language, helping you to make the differences between similar sounds and avoid pronunciation mistakes. This course will help you speak English more clearly, confidently, and correctly!
  • Espresso English Podcast podcast

    Business or Busyness?


    Do you know the difference between business and busyness? They're pronounced differently... ...and they mean different things! Let's learn them in this quick lesson. If you need to use English in your job or career, I can help you speak more confidently when you join my Business English Course! It will teach you what to say in lots of professional situations like interviews, meetings, phone calls, and much more. The lessons are very practical - full of useful words and phrases that native English speakers often use at work.
  • Espresso English Podcast podcast

    Phrases: "It speaks for itself" & "Speak for yourself"


    Today I’m going to explain two phrases in English – one is saying “something speaks for itself” and the other is telling someone “speak for yourself.” These are very different, and I’ll teach them to you by using examples of situations where we’d use these expressions. To learn a lot more common English phrases for daily situations, you can join our Everyday English Speaking Courses – these will teach you so many of the expressions and phrases that native English speakers use all the time. The lessons in those courses will help you improve your speaking and your ability to have natural-sounding conversations in English :-)
  • Espresso English Podcast podcast

    Don't say "today morning"!


    This lesson is a quick tip to help you avoid mistakes that can make your English sound unnatural. I’ll explain them and tell you what you should say instead.   Don't say "today morning"!   I’ve noticed this error in a lot of student homework.   Many of our courses at Espresso English include homework that you can send in and get feedback and correction on your answers – one of those is our Advanced Grammar Course.
  • Espresso English Podcast podcast

    Learn English idioms from sports


    Do you know what it means to "run interference," "jump the gun," and "show someone the ropes"? Today you'll learn these expressions and more idioms from sports! If you're looking for a fun and easy way to learn more than 300 idioms in English, check out our Idioms Course.
  • Espresso English Podcast podcast

    Human vs. Humane


    Today you’re going to learn the difference between the words human and humane. These are different by only one letter, but they’re pronounced differently and are used in different ways. By the way, if you want to learn a LOT more confusing word pairs like this, check out my e-book 600+ Confusing Words Explained! Inside that e-book, I’ll help you understand confusing English words easily and clearly.
  • Espresso English Podcast podcast

    Top 8 tips to improve your writing in English


    Today I'm sharing my top 8 tips for improving your writing in English :-) Even when you know a lot of English words, it can be really hard to form good sentences and write well. But when you put these strategies into practice, you’ll be able to improve so that you can write confidently in English. We have two courses where you can get your writing evaluated! Our Advanced Grammar Course and our Reading Course both have the option to include writing tasks with teacher feedback – so at the end of each lesson, there’s a question or topic and you’ll write your response. Then, send it to our teaching team, and we’ll reply with comments, corrections, and suggestions for making your writing even better. Students LOVE this feedback, because the it helps you fix any mistakes or bad habits and bring your writing up to a higher level. If you’re serious about improving your writing, join those courses and select the version with teacher feedback. I hope you’ll put all 8 tips from this lesson into practice!
  • Espresso English Podcast podcast

    How's your pronunciation? Here are 5 ways to improve it


    Your pronunciation is one of the first things other people notice about your English. If you have nice, clear pronunciation, you'll make a good impression. But if your pronunciation is difficult for others to understand, then it will be very hard to communicate - and frustrating, too! The good news is that you CAN improve your pronunciation with practice - by using my top 5 tips for getting better pronunciation :-) To practice and improve your pronunciation FAST, you can join my American English Pronunciation Course! - It will help you reach your goal of speaking clear, correct, and confident English. You'll learn and practice all the sounds of American English, and also work on connecting words and phrases together for more natural speaking.

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