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    What Do You Want to Do?


    You steer your own ship in life. YouTube BLOG:
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    Out with the old in with the new.
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    BEATS by KIM // SENECA v7 - 11:25:21, 11.08 AM


    A photography entrepreneurial thought: Perhaps in order to augment our artistic self-expression, the photographer should also create music? Simple — GarageBand on MacBook Laptop (use loops, the easiest way), and make iMovieslideshows with your photos, videos, and music?
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    Honest self appraisal of your photos:
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    3:50 The notion of “Just in Time” comes from the Toyota way. Similar to notions of kaizen. Anyways the notion of Just in Time is fascinating to me because it is similar to the notion of ALAP, as late as possible. What this means is that in life, you don’t always need to be super super prepared and you don’t have to do things too far in advance. Just do it when the time is right. Also this means never do anything until your body and your soul feels prepared for it. Rather than thinking that procrastination is some sort of disease that needs to be remedied, think of your body‘s natural procrastination is the ultimate wisdom. Decision making theories in life Real life is about making real life decisions. Therefore, the more we could experiment with real life, and then make theories after the fact, the better.
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    A thought: perhaps we should only invest in things that get better over time, and to ignore or disdain that which gets worse over time.
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    Do not just be a social media sharecropper. Rather own your own website and domain web hosting. Remember the heuristic: if the platform you’re using is free, then you’re the one being sold. For another words, social media is slavery, because you’re doing the labor for free to only profit the platform. MORE:
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    Visual acuity training >
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    How to Become a Happier Photographer


    How to Become a Happier Photographer Question: Why have I never met a happy photographer? Especially on the upper-echelon levels (Magnum). It seems that all these photographers are perpetually dissatisfied (in a pessimistic, bad way). Certainly happiness isn't the end of life, but it is a good stimulus for our photographic progress. Some thoughts: 1. What is detrimental to our happiness? The first thought: What is the greatest detriment to our personal happiness as photographers? I say social media. Practical via negativa thought: The best thing you can do to grow as a photographer is to figure out what makes us unproductive and miserable. Namely, delete Instagram. 2. De-metricate yourself Do numbers exist for the sake of humans, or do humans exist for the sake of numbers? The algorithm don't have the answers. An algorithm is simply an equation in which a (often very nerdy) individual creates weights to say: These are the supreme values. For example on social media, to get more likes and followers is the apex. It goes to the American attitude: More is better. But is this true? No. Otherwise McDonalds would be the #1 Restaurant in the world. Or a Honda Accord is probably the 'best' car. But what do we desire? To become more exclusive. 3. Who do you care to impress? Certainly we first strive to impress ourselves, then others (a small group of others). For example, when I did a Magnum Workshop with David Alan Harvey and Constantine Manos, I will never forget: When David Alan Harvey was scrolling through my 'SUITS' project, he paused when looking at one of my photos and said: "THAT IS A GREAT PHOTO" (then proceeded). To me this was worth 100000x more than getting a trillion likes on Instagram or Social Media. So the question: Who are you trying to impress? 4. Inter-Pares It seems we only want to impress our equals. This is why I don't really care for the critical feedback of my street photos from non-street photographers. Similarly speaking, better to impress 1 Magnum Photographer than 1 billion random people online. It is a lie to say that we don't care what others think about our artwork (photos). Rather, we want to figure out who are the few people we are trying to impress. 5. What is happiness? What is happiness? It is a sense that we are progressing and advancing. For example, who is happier? A billionaire who overnight becomes a millionaire, or a homeless person who wins a million dollars overnight? The fall hurts 1000x more than the come-up. This is where the notion 'ASAP' (always strive and prosper) is good. And the notion 'Stay hungry, stay foolish'. Once you lose your appetite for growth and progression, then what? Nothing.
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