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Split-Pool Recognition of Interactions by Tag Extension (SPRITE) (Mitch Guttman)

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In this episode of the Epigenetics Podcast, we talked with Mitch Guttman from California Institute of Technology about his work on characterising the 3D interactions of the genome using Split-Pool Recognition of Interactions by Tag Extension (SPRITE).

Mitch Guttman discusses his exploration of the long non-coding RNA Xist, which plays a crucial role in X chromosome inactivation. He explains how they discovered that Xist is present everywhere in the nucleus, not just in specific locations on the X chromosome. Through their research, they identified critical proteins like SHARP that are involved in X chromosome silencing.

The discussion then shifts to SPRITE, a method they developed to map multi-way contacts and generalize beyond DNA to include RNA and proteins. They compare SPRITE to classical proximity ligation methods like Hi-C and discuss how cluster sizes in SPRITE can estimate 3D distances between molecules. The conversation also touches upon the potential of applying SPRITE to single-cell experiments, allowing for the mapping of higher order nucleic acid interactions and tracking the connectivity of DNA fragments in individual cells.


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