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You are being prepared for this Great Awakening and you need the tools and training to be strong in body, mind and spirit. We start this training by building up our own life force energy. Learning how to clear toxins, physical and mental, and build up the stock of life force energy and Shakti. How to build up your immune system and avoid being damaged from improper medical care. 

New class forming go to www.EnlightenmentTV.com 

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  • Enlightenment Radio podcast

    Who Controls the World


    This talk summarized, and explains, Tim Gielen's documentary Monopoly. This short talk will explain who owns everything, who controls the world, and what they are trying to bring about. This is basically everything that is being banned and censored. Here are the facts they are keeping from you. Pass it on.  www.EnlightenmentTV.com  
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    This is a one hour shaktipat empowerment, with extended periods of silence. Conducted for the advanced class. Do not drive while listening to this recording. www.EnlightenmentTV.com 
  • Enlightenment Radio podcast

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  • Enlightenment Radio podcast

    How to Be Happy


    This talk both address the means to being happy and walks you through some steps that can bring more happiness even while you are listening. We practice being happy together. Enjoy. Go to www.EnlightenmentTV.com   
  • Enlightenment Radio podcast



    This is the story of Shivabalayogi Maharaj, and Steven's personal experiences with him. Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi completed full Yuga Tapas, had amazing spiritual powers, healing powers and incredible shakti. Feel him in the recording.  More on www.EnlightenmentTV.com   
  • Enlightenment Radio podcast

    The Living Universe


    We are all part of a living Universal being, the Universe is alive, God is everywhere. From the beating of our heart to the universal magnetism sustaining all live. We are an extension of it, Him, the Creator. In this meditation, we tune into this living Presence within us and all around us.  More at www.EnlightenmentTV.com   
  • Enlightenment Radio podcast

    The Great Reset


    Civilization is changing before our own eyes, yet most people still don't know what's happening or what to do. This talk exposes what is behind "The Great Reset." All these world events were planned years ago, learn the secret of what's coming. What to look for, how to prepare. We've been lied to by our governments and through the news. This is our wake up call. What's about to happen and what we can do about it.  Learn more at http://www.EnlightenmentTV.com  
  • Enlightenment Radio podcast

    Are You Ready?


    With all the changes occurring within our society, it's important to keep perspective and to stay grounded...and sane. Here we are stepping back and taking a good look at our lives as individuals and collectively as society. We are being tested and need to be prepared. This class will help prepare you and inspire you.  To watch more on this subject CLICK HERE
  • Enlightenment Radio podcast

    The Heart Space


    This class is all about developing our heart space. Clearing out old negative patterns, shifting our focus and expanding our capacity to feel love. Our meditation is to stretch our hearts and build a strong foundation in the love of God that dwells within us, our spirit. Come into samadhi. Come join our love vortex. Come be loved.  www.EnlightenmentTV.com  
  • Enlightenment Radio podcast

    Self Mastery


    Swamiji leads a discussion on what Self Mastery and Self Realization ARE and how to attain it. He discusses the paths of Kriya, Kundalini and Shaktipat and guides a meditation that will get you blissful.  New live class forming at www.EnlightenmentTV.com   
  • Enlightenment Radio podcast

    Are You Prepared?


    Are you prepared for the changes happening in our world and in your life? Most people are oblivious to what's happening, we cannot afford to be ignorant of the changes and the direction the collective consciousness is going. How do you prepare? What do we/you need to know? How are we going to get through it? Here is what you can do. An opportunity is being presented to each of us.  www.EnlightenmentTV.com  

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