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Holiday special - Christmas Music episode with prof. dr van Vollenhoven

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Dear EMEUNET Community,

This episode will include lots of music and a great interview with Prof. dr. van Vollenhoven, chair of EULAR research committee.

It is the fist episode of the series of holiday specials. This particularly episode is hosted by Stefan Dinescu and Renske Meijer.

This year's holiday season we would like to treat you with some special episodes. The episodes are different from what you are used to. The following will be presented to you in the coming month:

1. Christmas Music episode (22/12/2023)

2. EMEUNET Community episode (29/12/2023)

3. EMEUNET Podcast memories (05/01/2024)

4. Rheumatology in 2024 (12/01/2024)

We hope you'll enjoy listening!

Editorial Team: Bayram Farisogullari, Olivier Fakih, Mrinalini Dey, Latika Gupta, Renske Meijer.

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