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An Interview with Dr. Peter Grayson- ACR 2022 Mentor-Mentee Meeting

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As we start to prepare for EULAR 2024, we are looking back at some of our activities from conferences of recent years. In this special episode, we revisit our ever-popular EMEUNET Mentor-Mentee Meetings. In this episode, Dr Ertugrul Bolek interviews Dr Peter Grayson, a mentor during the programme at ACR 2022. Here, he shares insights on his research career, top tips for early career researchers, VEXAS and much more!

The Mentor-Mentee (online or in-person) meetings  are a wonderful opportunity to discuss research topics and career plans in an informal atmosphere with an expert in the field of clinical or basic research in rheumatology. Stay tuned for the EULAR 2024 Mentor-Mentee in-person meetings, don’t miss this opportunity!

Editorial Team: Dr Bayram Farisogullari, Dr Renske Meijer, Dr Olivier Fakih, Dr Mrinalini Dey

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