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Easy Jazz with John Redman

John Redman

Meet John Redman - I'm a lover of all music genres, but since my childhood I have retained a greater feeling for easy listening jazz after being introduced to it by my mother. I have a large collection of music on CD covering music by big bands, smaller groups, solo artists and vocalists, and I introduce these into my programme of "Easy Jazz" on Radio Kidnappers. As a musician, vocalist, and broadcaster, I enjoy playing, performing, and bringing to air great music that has wonderful melody lines and superb lyrics. I warmly invite you to join me every Friday morning for a feast of the very best jazz. And for the benefit of nocturnal wide-awake jazz enthusiasts in New Zealand, the programme is repeated at 3am Sundays (NZ time). This may also suit overseas listeners who can then listen at a time more convenient to them (eg Saturday afternoon in the UK, Saturday morning in the USA). I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions from listeners, feel free to ring me during the show on a Friday morning if you would like to request a song. John R.