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The Tarnished Legacy of Earthworm Jim | Case File #117

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He's a beloved video game characters from the 90s, but his creator has gone off the rails in recent years. In the early 90s, Earthworm Jim exploded onto the scene as an absurdist take on video game platformers. Eventually he was spun off into a comic, a cartoon, a toy line, among other things. But the creator of Earthworm Jim has expressed some views in recent years that really make it hard to enjoy the beloved character. On this episode, we discuss the difficult world of Doug TeNapel's Earthworm Jim. -- Get the Mystery Treehouse Simple Code Hybrid Album and Comic! Watch the Simple Code Comic Album Video Trailer! -- Join our Discord server! -- Pick up some Deep Cuts T-Shirts and other merch! -- Get the official Deep Cuts shoulder patch! -- Listen to our album, a 9 song rock opera about the rise and fall of Napster! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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