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MKUltra | Case File #115

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They experimented on unwilling subjects in the 1950s to control peoples' minds and create super soldiers. And it's all real. In the early 50s, as WWII was ending the Central Intelligence Agency was being formed in the United States, paranoia was high about the technologies and weapons of war that were being developed in Russia and China. In order to anticipate a perceived threat of experimental mind control techniques being developed by foreign actors, the CIA implemented its own research arm with a goal of creating ways of controlling peoples' minds and even turning people into sleeper agents against their will. It's one of the most horrifying things that the US government has ever done that we know of. On this episode of Deep Cuts, we explore the surprisingly dark story of MKUltra. -- Get the Mystery Treehouse Simple Code Hybrid Album and Comic! Watch the Simple Code Comic Album Video Trailer! -- Join our Discord server! -- Pick up some Deep Cuts T-Shirts and other merch! -- Get the official Deep Cuts shoulder patch! -- Listen to our album, a 9 song rock opera about the rise and fall of Napster! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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