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Data Driven: the podcast where we explore the emerging field of Data Science. We bring the best minds in Data, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence right to you every Tuesday. The field of data science mashes up the worlds of statistics, database architecture and software engineering. Data Scientist has been labelled by the Harvard Business Review, as "the sexiest job of the 21st century." A quick search of job search sites reveal that this field is in high demand. In a world where Data is the new Oil, Data Science the new Refineries, consider this Car Talk for the Data Age. Every week we bring the best minds in this emerging field straight to you. Our goal is to educate and inspire our listeners so that they can be prepared to thrive in a Data Driven world.

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    Dave Wentzel on the Importance of Design Thinking


    Hello and Welcome to Data Driven. In this episode Frank and Andy welcome back Dave Wentzel to the show to talk about the importance of design thinking to data and software projects. LinksData Channel - ( Save 60% on monthly subscription: Launch497 Save 75% on annual subscription: DataChannel4Life Impact Quantum (
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    200k Downloads, 1000 Days, Announcing the Data Channel, and More!


    In this episode Frank and Andy celebrate reaching two hundred thousand downloads, the launch of the Data Channel, also known as Project Ring gate, and talk about the next thousand days. Links ( use code Launch497 to get 60% off every month forever!
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    Alex Castro on Improving Project Outcomes with Data


    In this episode Frank and Andy speak with Alex Castro on how data can guide project managers to successful outcomes.
  • Data Driven podcast

    Alex Murrey on Data Driven Software Development


    In this episode Frank and Andy speak with Alex Murrey, the Head of North American Operations for TangoTeams, a startup that’s redefining the software development outsourcing industry.  The software development industry is evolving rapidly and is increasingly becoming data driven, which is why I know you will want to hear what he has to say.
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    Christopher P. Willis on Using AI to Create a Better User Experience with Better Content


    In this episode, Frank and Andy speak to Christopher P. Willis about Using AI to Create a Better User Experience with Better Content. Certainly, if you have ever you read instructions or product documentation that left you annoyed and confused, then you can appreciate the work he does with Acrolinx. Audible (Audible) is a sponsor! Click (this link) and score a free audio book on us! If you subscribe, you help out the podcast. Everyone wins! Transcript 00:00:00 BAILey  Hello and welcome to data driven.  00:00:02 BAILey  In this episode Frank and Andy speak with Christopher Willis about how artificial intelligence can help bake brands create congruent content across cultures, languages and writers.  00:00:13 BAILey  One quick word of correction.  00:00:15 BAILey  Frank made the assumption that CPO was chief product Officer.  00:00:19 BAILey  Chris is actually Chief pipeline officer.  00:00:21 BAILey  In addition to being chief marketing Officer, Acrolinx currently does not have a chief product officer.  00:00:28 BAILey  Frank should know by now what happens when you assume anything.  00:00:32 BAILey  I'll have a chat with him later.  00:00:34 BAILey  For now, enjoy the show.  00:00:44 Frank  Hello and welcome to data driven, the podcast where we explore the emerging fields of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  00:00:52 Frank  If you'd like to think of data as the new oil, then you can think of us like Car Talk because we focus on where the rubber meets the virtual road and with me on this epic road trip down the information.  00:01:04 Frank  Superhighway as always is Andy Leonard.  00:01:07 Frank  How's it going Andy?  00:01:08 Andy  Good Frank, how are you doing?  00:01:10 Frank  I'm doing great, I'm doing great.  00:01:11 Frank  It's a beautiful Tuesday morning here in the DC area.  00:01:14 Frank  We're recording this on September 28th and I can't believe it's already October.  00:01:22 Andy  Almost gosh, yeah, yeah.  00:01:23 Frank  Almost October.  00:01:25 Andy  It's it's been beautiful fall weather.  00:01:28 Andy  Past few days here in sunny Farmville, VA.  00:01:33 Andy  And I'm really enjoying that.  00:01:35 Andy  Got a lot of outdoors work done in the past few days and that's always a good thing.  00:01:40 Frank  Yeah, we just built the trampoline for the kids and that was a was a lot of fun.  00:01:46 Frank  'cause the.  00:01:46 Frank  Instructions were horrible.  00:01:50 Andy  Did you get one with that big net around it?  00:01:53 Andy  Keep from bouncing off and 'cause otherwise it should come with a coupon for a free cast.  00:01:58 Frank  Freecast and free healthcare that'd be funny.  00:02:00 Andy  Yes, yes, that's right, yeah.  00:02:03 Frank  Yeah, so without further ado I'd like to introduce we have this.  00:02:07 Frank  Awesome guest today.  00:02:08 Frank  We've been really lucking out on terms of folks coming to us and and suggesting guests for us, which is quite refreshing, actually.  00:02:17 Frank  So so today we have with us Christopher Willis, Acrolinx Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer.  00:02:25 Frank  Christopher is an expert in technology, marketing and brand alignment alignment with over 20 years of experience in with some of the world...
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    Matteo Interlandi on Project Hummingbird


    Hello and Welcome to Data Driven. In this episode, Frank and Andy speak with researcher Matteo Interlandi about project Hummingbird.   Audio file (matteo-mixdown.mp3)  Transcript  00:00:00 BAILey  Hello and welcome to dated driven.  00:00:02 BAILey  In this episode, Frank and Andy speak with researcher Matteo Interlandi about project Hummingbird.  00:00:09 BAILey  Now on with the show.  00:00:10 Frank  Second, hello and welcome to data driven.  00:00:21 Frank  The podcast where we explore the emerging fields of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  00:00:27 Frank  If you'd like to think of data as the new oil, then you can consider us.  00:00:30 Frank  Car Talk because we focus on where the rubber meets the virtual road and with me on this epic Rd.  00:00:36 Frank  We're on the information superhighway as oh is Andy Leonard.  00:00:39 Frank  How you doing Andy?  00:00:40 Andy  I'm well Frank, how are?  00:00:41 Frank  You I'm doing alright. We're recording this on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021 and the the.  00:00:51 Frank  The the remnants of Hurricane Ida are ripping through the DC area.  00:00:57 Frank  Uh, so if, uh, if I suddenly get dropped, that's because we probably lost power.  00:01:03 Frank  But I do have the backup generator, the one that the professionals installed and my.  00:01:10 Frank  Duct taped together a solar generator so.  00:01:15 Frank  I will be offline.  00:01:17 Frank  For a short.  00:01:18 Frank  Bit and hopefully come back online.  00:01:20 Frank  How how you doing, Eddie.  00:01:23 Andy  I'm doing alright Frank. Well, we are you know I'm about gosh 250 miles South of UM we didn't get near the near the effects of Hurricane Ida as you did.  00:01:34 Andy  We're getting a little bit of rain now.  00:01:36 Andy  We've had some wind.  00:01:37 Andy  Gusts, but it's been really mild, and if you look on the radar.  00:01:41 Andy  Gotta watch it into track and I I do.  00:01:43 Andy  I'm a weather weenie and amateur but it it just kind of went around us to the to the West and it actually started the east when it got a little north of us and aimed right for your house.  00:01:54 Andy  I was looking outside that's where Frank lived, right?  00:01:56 Andy  And look, the eye is coming right for.  00:01:58 Andy  Frank what's left?  00:02:00 Frank  Well, fortunately we're safe.  00:02:02 Frank  There was some kind of flooding in Rockville and the small overnight, and some folks they got up.  00:02:09 Frank  No one, nobody died that I'm.  00:02:10 Frank  Aware of so.  00:02:11  It it says.  00:02:12 Frank  You know we're not.  00:02:13 Frank  Custom the floods or hurricanes or tornadoes up here in DC and and we're more used to the human threats of, you know, little things like terrorism and things.  00:02:25 Frank  Like that, but.  00:02:26 Andy  Yeah yeah, you guys got a little bit more to worry about that than we do here in FarmVille, right?  00:02:32 Andy  But you know these days.  00:02:33 Andy  Who knows?  00:02:35 Andy  The, uh, definitely our thoughts and prayers are with the folks in in Louisiana and
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    Himanish Goel on a Recent Graduate's perspective on Data analytics & AI


    In this episode, Frank sits down with Himanesh Go elle, a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, where they discuss the academic curriculum around data analytics and career prospects for graduates in the field. 
  • Data Driven podcast

    Tyler Browder on Brining the Cloud to Space, Kids, and Country Music


    In this episode, Frank and Andy chat with Tyler Browder. Tyler Browder is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kubos, the world’s first cloud-based mission control software. Kubos’s “Major Tom” software is a cutting edge mission control platform for low-earth orbit satellites.  Data and space. Does it get any cooler than that?
  • Data Driven podcast

    Veronika Kolesnikova on Making your applications interactive with Speech Services


    Here's another bonus episode that BAILey has put together. Who's BAILey? Glad you asked. In the intro, she has a thing or two to say. In this session from the Azure Global Data Fest, Veronika Kolesnikova tell us how make your applications interactive with Speech Services. Original YouTube video: (

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