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Dan Karaty If I'm Being Honest

Dan Karaty

Hi, I'm Dan Karaty and I'm an alcoh-... Well, if I'm being honest, it's more complicated than that. Some know me as a globe-trotting tv personality, talent judge, and choreographer to the stars. Others, as a loving husband and dad, great friend, and rabid sports fan. But below the surface is a man struggling with addiction and anxiety, fearful of the next battle lurking around the corner. For decades, I avoided in-depth conversations, desperate to keep my personal life private, smiling through the pain for the cameras, but drowning my demons at night. Now I'm opening up, eager to share my adventures, struggles and recovery with whoever listens. If I'm Being Honest will strip away surface facades to deliver the real, in-depth and sometimes ugly truths of my life, and those of my courageous guests; hopefully revealing unique paths to happiness, success, recovery and redemption. Hello, my name is Dan and I'm an alcoholic. If I'm being honest, you need to hear this...

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