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(GUEST)- Taking back your health after auto-immune disease, the gut-brain connection and lifestyle changes that are more powerful than supplements with Geta Barbu

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On today's episode we dive into a different kind of episode on gut health- one that is specific to chronic illness and helping you navigate, advocate and reverse chronic illness symptoms. Gut health practitioner Geta Barbu and I dive into SUCH a good convo around why chronic illness is on the rise, why supplements are pushed so hard on us and how to be proactive with chronic illness symptoms to take back control of your health and happiness.

About our Guest:
After being born malnourished & then finding out about my severe liver dysfunction at 18 I had gone through the Western medicine realm full of nothing my unanswered questions. Frustrated with continuing to struggle with the challenges of with chronic symptoms, yet all my labs always came back normal, I saw a gap in support and self advocacy in the chronic illness world. I began to seek alternative answers and with that, found my passion for Gut and Neuro development that I studied at Wayne State University.

I have dedicated now the past 14 years to educating myself on how to heal my body through the gut brain connection + conscious nutrition habits. Now I help families gain self advocacy and live a higher quality of life so the generational illness come to stop.

Instagram: @getas.digest

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