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Building confidence, overcoming doubt and embracing your self worth so you can embrace your life w/ Jess Clerke

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In today's episode we have deep dive convo into confidence, the internal AND external things in our life that create it and how we can build a self worth and confidence that is unshakeable. Because life is going to life, but we get to choose- and luckily we have an extra special guest on today's podcast teaching you how to choose you and own who you are, even if that looks different than everyone else.

Jess is a Confidence Coach and the host of Self(ish) Confidence Podcast. She has a passion to encourage women to speak their truth and live a truly aligned life, even if it's unconventional. Through her own self-discovery journey with her 'Year of Confidence', she was able to find her confidence after a difficult season and learned how to speak her truth despite societal pressures. She’s here to help you do the same!


podcast: Self(ish) Confidence

IG: @jess.clerke

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