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How to Scale Your Agency from 0 to 50 | Brink’s Co-founder Shares Everything You Need to Know

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How do you design a fail-proof hiring process? How do you balance purpose and profit in the early days? And how do you find your first clients? Get your answer in our first episode of Agency Growth Stories – a series where we talk to the founders of the world's leading agencies about what's on every founder's mind. Our first guest was the wonderful Abi Freeman — Co-Founder of Brink — an international consulting agency which uses Behavioural Innovation to advise on new ways of working to change the world. Here is what we covered: 00:00:00 - Intro: Who is Abi Freeman? 00:02:52 - Fire Round Questions 00:04:54 - Why Abi Co-Founded her Company Brink 00:08:01 - How to Find Your First Clients 00:12:17 - How and When to Grow Your Team 00:20:20 - Services to Keep External Rather than In-House 00:22:05 - How to Hire and Manage an International Distributed Team 00:29:12 - Brink’s Failproof Hiring Process: Hiring for Ways of Being Not Just Doing 00:34:21 - How to Build Intimacy with Your Team 00:39:00 - Purpose Vs. Profit, Finding Balance in the Early Days 00:48:18 - How to Measure the Impact of Your Projects 00:56:32 - Common Blinspots in Founders 00:58:01 - How to Get Clients through Networking 01:04:04 - How to Take the First Step to Start Your Agency 01:06:35 - How to Navigate Procurement Processes 01:14:05 - Behavioural Change and Climate Change 01:17:01 - Last Words For more leadership insights check our Design Leaders Programme: Get more inspiration from us on other channels:

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