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Global Chief Creative Officer at BCW Global on the main qualities of a design leader

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In our second episode of Design Leadership webinars, we talked to the wonderful Fede Garcia, Global Chief Creative Officer at PR agency BCW Global. Fede shared insights on how to motivate teams to create bold ideas, what is the future of advertising, how cancel culture influenced creativity, what it means to be creative and what are the main qualities of a good leader.

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  1. Welcome to our Design Leadership webinar
  2. Social Media, Creativity and Impostor syndrome
  3. The infinite game
  4. Brand marketing: promoting yourself and the brand on Social media
  5. Creative career: from Creative Director to Chief Creative Officer
  6. What does a Chief Creative Officer do?
  7. How to build a creative culture, empower bold ideas and creativity
  8. How to prove the value of creativity and design, taking the risk
  9. Balancing high-quality work and mental health
  10. Self-awareness, happiness, and enjoying life / how to become happy in life
  11. Future of advertising: Transmedia storytelling
  12. Power of emotions in creativity
  13. Q&A - Qualities of a good leader
  14. What is the difference between being creative and being a creative
  15. Who can become a good leader?
  16. Creativity VS Business
  17. How to sell ideas and be a confident leader
  18. Being a quick learner and having the growth mindset
  19. Time management skills and workload prioritisation
  20. Is resilience important?
  21. Creating a vision

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