Abundance Bound podcast

Abundance Bound

Miata Edoga + Kristine Oller

Are you a smart, ambitious, creative person who is tired of spending too much of your time and energy chasing money (or running away from it)? Wondering how to handle the emotional rollercoaster of having an influx of cash and then a dry spell? Wishing you had a more harmonious and stable relationship with money so you could rely on it being there to support your goals and dreams? If so, the Abundance Bound podcast is for you. Abundance is not about the amount of money you have, it’s about the quality of the relationship that you have with your money. And no matter where you’re at right now, you can decide to become someone who is bound TO abundance – someone who is committed to having a healthier and more compassionate relationship with your money, and you can decide to become someone who is bound TOWARDS abundance – someone who stepping into a more expansive financial future. Join coaches Miata Edoga and Kristine Oller twice each month for insightful conversations and inspiring stories of financial transformations. Miata is the founder of the Abundance Bound Financial Education Company and Kristine is the developer and coach of the Creating Cashflow Program (which lives inside Miata's signature membership – the Financial Empowerment Program). Learn more at AbundanceBound.com/financial-empowerment.

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