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The 2023 Retro – what have we learnt from the past year in pharma?

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Welcome to the last episode of 2023! Digital Editor Lucy Chard is joined by her team in a special retrospective episode to close out the year. Guests Vivian Xie, Editor for CPHI Online and Tara Dougal, Content Director for Pharma, discuss their highlights from the year; diversity, sustainability, and the CPHI Barcelona event cropping up as top features. The Women in Pharma series that Vivian has worked on for the past year has been a resounding success, some of our most impactful content on CPHI Online, which, as arguably some of our most important content we are so pleased to see that reflected with our audience. We also cover sustainability, drug approvals, Alzheimer's research, mRNA oncology vaccines, and digital marketing for pharma companies.

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Top Content

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