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Courtside with Courtney

Courtney Shields

Welcome to Courtside with Courtney, the podcast where we invite you to join the inner circle and snag a courtside seat for candid conversations with influencer, mom, and Dibs Beauty co-founder, Courtney Shields. Get ready to dive deep into a wide range of topics, from business and beauty to navigating the challenges of grief and co-parenting. While Courtney is known for her brutally honest relationship advice on TikTok and offers beauty and fashion tips on Instagram, this podcast peels back the layers, giving you an intimate look into her life. Whether it's solo episodes or engaging conversations with guests from Courtney's inner circle, Courtside with Courtney has one clear mission: to empower you to live life on your own terms. Tune in for an authentic and unfiltered experience that goes beyond the social media persona, as we explore the complexities of life and learn what makes Courtney tick.

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