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    EP 16 - Lianne Wood talks exercise & treatment mechanisms


    Join Lianne and Ben as they discuss exercise and some of the mechanisms involved along with some other questions including: Is exercise more than just physical? Are treatment targets mainly physical? What should be measured in exercise research? Where to go next? Check out Lianne's paper here Exercise Interventions for Persistent Non-Specific Low Back Pain - Does Matching Outcomes to Treatment Targets Make a Difference?
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    EP15 - Steph Allen talks ACL rehab


    This time out Steph Allen joins Ben to talk about her project ACL resolve and what she sees as important in ACL rehab The slogan for this episode was little ligament, big implications! Steph & Ben covered: The need for a 'coaching' approach in ACL rehab What can be missing in rehab for ACLs The difference between psychological and physical readiness to return to play The similarities between ACL rehab and chronic pain Understanding the role of society in the gender disparity in ACL injuries Enjoy!
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    EP 14 - Peter Stillwell talks enactivism, pain & rehab


    Join Peter & Ben as they discuss enactivism and its relation to MSK rehab. Enactivism has become a bit of a buzz word recently with the application of its concepts to pain. But how well is it really understood? Find out how Peter would explain enactivism to a drunk Ben at a party? Hear more about the origins of enactivism & the key concepts How does enactivism relate to the pain experience?
  • Cor-kinetic podcast

    EP13 - Adam Meakins discusses "Can't go wrong getting strong"


    Join Adam & Ben as they discuss Adam's infamous slogan "you can't go wrong getting strong" What the hell does Adam mean? What are some misinterpretations of the slogan? What about for painful problems? Has Adam's meaning changed? Can you go wrong getting strong?
  • Cor-kinetic podcast

    Ep 12 - Ben Cormack taking questions


    This episode Ben takes four questions from listeners These include "do biomechanics matter?" "Whats a personal philosophy?" "How do you use evidence in your practice?" "How much PNE do need?"
  • Cor-kinetic podcast

    Ep 11 - Talking self efficacy with Dr Rachel Chester


    Ben is joined by Dr Rachel Chester and they talk about What is self efficacy and what is it not Defining the type of self efficacy What is psychological therapy, is it normal for pain to affect or mental state? Rachel's research into self efficacy and prognostic factors Rachel will be back for a discussion around some of the core pillars of self efficacy and how that could be used for an intervention Enjoy!
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    EP 10 - Talking goal setting with Tania Gardner


    In episode 10, Ben is joined by Tania Gardner & they discuss the importance of patient led goal setting. Tania has published widely in this area & highlights the need for clinicians you start aligning what they measure with what people really want!
  • Cor-kinetic podcast

    EP 9 w Connor Gleadhill talking the clinical research divide


    Episode 9 sees researcher Connor Gleadhill & Ben talking about the divide between research and clinical practice & how this can be improved. Just like in the clinic i comes back to good dialogue and shared aims to improve the questions being asked and the implementation of the final product
  • Cor-kinetic podcast

    EP 8 - Doctor Greig Nicol talking his approach to diagnosis and the BPS model


    Join Greig & Ben as they discuss a wide range of topics starting with Greig approach to diagnosis from his perspective as a GP & sports medicine doctor. How does this differ from an MSK therapist perspective? How does Greig integrate the BPS model into his work as a doctor? Always great to view these things through the eyes of a different profession
  • Cor-kinetic podcast

    Ep 7 Jo Gibson talking the BioPsychoSocial model


    Join Jo and ben as they chat about the much discussed BioPsychoSocial (BPS) model. Some points that are pondered! Has the BPS model been misinterpreted? Is it better described as a self reflection tool? Is it really a philosophy of care rather than a treatment model? How does Jo use it in clinical practice? Can we actually measure the effectiveness in research of the BPS?

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