Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

Confident and Killing It Podcast

Tiwalola Ogunlesi

Tiwalola Ogunlesi's Confident and Killing It Podcast is your weekly dose of positivity and inspiration. Leveraging the science of positive psychology, Tiwa shares practical tips and strategies for overcoming fear and imposter syndrome, being positive and staying confident and killing it in all areas of life.

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  • Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

    (#35) How To Turn Your Oddness Into A Superpower & Embrace Your Main Character Energy with The Odditty


    Have you ever been called odd, weird, strange and made to feel different about it? Well in this episode I sit down with a fellow Confidence Queen to talk about how to embrace ALL of you, especially the fun, quirky odd parts that society often wants us to hide. You'll learn how to be unapologetic about who you are and use your uniqueness to stand out!  Sofi aka The Odditty is a content creator that uses her eclectic fashion and lifestyle platform to encourages body positivity, confidence, and self-empowerment while spreading positivity through her high energy and feel good content.
  • Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

    (#34) How To Beat Comparison and Turn It Into Inspiration


    Comparison is the thief of joy. We've all heard that before but what can we actually do about it? In this episode I explore 5 ways comparison is stealing your joy and practical tips to shift your mindset and challenge it using positive affirmations.   Affirmations meditation starts from 18:00 Mins  If you'd like additional resources to help you overcome comparison and articulate your strengths download the Monthly Wins Tracker and join The Confident and Killing It Academy 
  • Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

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  • Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

    (#33) How To Use Networking To Grow Your Business or Career with Afua Osei


    Don't feel confident enough to reach out to brands, employers or people you admire for potential opportunities? This podcast episode will change everything. Afua Osei is a Partnerships Strategist a helping digital entrepreneurs build the skills, systems and confidence to work with the corporate clients of their dreams. She also founded She Leads Africa - A platform helping professional women level up in their careers.  Part 1 is on how to grow your business through brand partnerships and feel confident enough to pitch your ideas. Part 2 is on how to grow in your career through networking and building a personal brand.   Buy Afua's Pitch Season Toolkit  Start the Confidence Game Plan Course and learn how to network authentically 
  • Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

    (#32) The Power Of Owning Your Truth and Healing Your Mind


    Your truth has the power to set you free but are you owning it or does it feel like you're living as a prisoner to your thoughts and the expectations society has on you? In this episode I'm bringing back some very important reminders on knowing your truth, speaking you truth and celebrating your truth.  To take your confidence to the next level, sign up to my new course - The Confidence Game Plan and save £70 when you sign up today
  • Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

    (#31) Unlock Your Creative Genius and Show Up Confidently Online with The Self Hood


    Is being "creative" something you struggle with? Do you want to learn how to make money as a creative? Do you feel cringe when it comes to showing up online? In this episode I sit down the Daisy Morris from The Self Hood to talk about how to unlock your inner creative genius and get the best ideas that will help you stand out in your field. You don't only have to be an artist, musician or fashion designer to be considered "creative". Creativity is limitless and we all have an inner creative genius. Are you ready to unlock yours? Daisy Morris founder of The Self Hood, a marketing agency that’s all about making online connections feel more real and human. Follow Daisy on Instagram Sign up to my FREE Online Masterclass - How To Create Your Own Happiness, Unlock Purpose and Pursue Passions on 12 September 
  • Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

    (#30) Lessons on Love, Confidence and Turning 30 with Toni Tone


    Freaking out about turning 30? In this episode I sit down with the one and only Toni Tone- writer, speaker, content creator, and the host of BBC 1Xtra’s ‘Money Moves’ podcast to talk about how to defy society's stereotypes and live your best life in your 30's. We talk about learning to let go of limiting beliefs, bouncing back from bad breakups, embracing being single and celebrating yourself loudly.  Toni is best known for her inspiring and thought-provoking writing on Twitter, which has been featured in publications such as The Independent, Cosmopolitan, Mail Online, Huffington Post. Her debut novel - I Wish I Knew This Earlier is out in October 2021 and is available for pre-order now. Connect with Toni Tone on Instagram and Twitter - @t0nit0ne
  • Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

    (#29) 5 Signs You're Doing Better Than You Think - 10 min mood booster


    We're over half way through 2021 and you might be feeling a bit low thinking of all the goals you haven't yet achieved. Here's a 10 min mood booster to give you all the encouragement and uplifting you need right now. Listen to it as often as you need to to fight off the self-doubt and the self-criticism! 
  • Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

    (#28) Loving Your Body Unapologetically, Diet Culture and Fatphobia with Stephanie Yeboah


    In this episode I'm discussing how to make peace with your body, dismantle toxic diet culture and be unapologetic with Stephanie Yeboah.  Stephanie is the author of Fattily Ever After, an award-winning blogger and content creator with over 350,000 across her social media pages, a freelance writer for Vogue, The Independent, Refinery29 and more and body image and fat acceptance advocate. Stephanie also dedicates her time towards advocacy within the body positivity, mental health and self-love communities, sharing her own challenges and traumas involving fatphobia, bullying, self-esteem and confidence issues and the ways in which she’s been able to turn it around, while encouraging others to do the same.  Find out more about her work on: Instagram, Twitter, Website
  • Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

    (#27) How To Get Started - Move From Idea To Action


    Got really good ideas but don't know how to turn them into a reality? In this episode I share 5 ways you can overcome fear of failure, procrastination and negative thinking so you can feel confident enough to take action on your ideas and trust that you have what it takes to succeed in life. I also breakdown how you can get more clarity on which steps to take by learning to breakdown big goals into everyday wins.  Did you take action after listening to this episode share your story with us at @Confidentandkillingit and we'll give you a shout out 
  • Confident and Killing It Podcast podcast

    (#26) Killing It As An Entrepreneur: Paving Your Own Way With Nicole Crentsil, Lauren Nicole and Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe


    Back in March 2020 I launched a webinar series called Killing It As An Entrepreneur to support women whose businesses were hit by the pandemic. It was originally meant to be one webinar but blew up and turned into a 5 part webinar series. In this episode I sat down with Nicole Crentsil, Lauren Nicole and Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe to talk about practical ways to build confidence, overcoming imposter syndrome, navigating their industries as Black women and how they took the leap of faith from paid employment to full-time entrepreneur.  Watch the full video episode on Confident and Killing It Youtube Channel

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