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I created the Coaching For Leaders Podcast to help you find that missing piece of information that you are looking for in order to live a well balanced and fulfilling life. I cover a wide range of topics and my hope is that when you are listening to the show that something resonates with you in order to make your day better, your self-confidence strong, your relationship more robust, and your life mean something more. As a coach, I specialize in helping people find their life's purpose. I focus on your physical, emotional, and spiritual self. I like to bring order to chaos and bringing chaos to order. Only by shaking things up a bit and being pushed outside of your comfort zone can you truly expand and grow. This is what I hope you learn from my show. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  • Coaching For Leaders podcast

    Believe In Miracles - Guest Bernadette Rodebaugh


    Very excited to share today's show. Guest author Bernadette Rodebaugh appeared on my other Podcast called "Heal The Healers" back in December of 2020 to discuss her book, "Believe it to Receive it: Activate the Miracles Waiting for You". I wanted to repost this interview because of how powerful it was and no matter what you believe in, I think this information will help you as a leader. Some people would have you believe that you need to earn miracles, or that miracles are only for special people. Bernadette Rodebaugh believes MIRACLES ARE FOR EVERYBODY! Bernadette spent nearly two decades learning how to "CALL IN MIRACLES" for every area of her life as she fought to overcome devastation and challenges-mentally, physically, and spiritually. These challenges inspired her to create this book to help guide others to their miracles much sooner. In Believe It to Receive It, you'll discover your unique ability to become a "MIRACLE MAGNET." Using everyday TOOLS that will help you transform your life from the inside and out, this book is a fast-track in creating the ideal life you've always wanted. Bernadette Rodebaugh is an author, coach and "The Miracle-ologist" with a mission to guide and remind you that you are the MIRACLE MAGNET in your own life. Through her personal experience Bernadette has learned that miracles are an inside job; however, one must first BELIEVE and SEE THEIR MIRACLE as they CALL IT INTO THEIR LIFE. She teaches the everyday TOOLS to do this in her professional, personal coaching, work-shops and mastermind groups. Bernadette is also an intuitive and teaches you how to use you own internal guidance system to be guided to YOUR NEXT BEST STEP toward the miracle you are seeking. As her teachings are not tied to any specific religion, they can be utilized by anyone, regardless of their spirituality or belief system. (Bernadette's website ) (Wim Hof Website) - Discussed in the Podcast Use my Amazon Affiliate Link to buy Bernadette's book (here) Buy my new book (here)
  • Coaching For Leaders podcast

    Your Past Does Not Define Who You Are


    In this episode I talk about how you can overcome the shame of your past. I hope this helps make your life better. (Buy an Autographed Copy of my Book Here) (Buy From Amazon)
  • Coaching For Leaders podcast

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  • Coaching For Leaders podcast

    Questions To Help You Identify Your Strengths


    In this episode I ask you 20 questions and share experiences with clients and myself about finding out what makes you unique. (Buy an Autographed Copy of my Book Here) (Buy From Amazon)
  • Coaching For Leaders podcast

    I Wrote A Book


    In this episode I share my new book with you. "You Are a Gift to The World";// (My Website) (Buy my Book on Amazon)
  • Coaching For Leaders podcast

    Other People's Opinions Do Not Matter


    In this episode I talk about how important it is to not care about what other people think of you. Check out my website at Enjoy!
  • Coaching For Leaders podcast

    Don't Be The Person They Want You To Be


    In this episode I discuss the importance of being yourself. Society, Family, Work, & Friends often direct us to be someone who we are not. We want to please them and it turns into a viscous game of be who they want me to be at my expense. You deserve better. Find out why and how by listening now.
  • Coaching For Leaders podcast

    Why Speaking Your Truth Matters


    In this podcast short, I talk about the importance of speaking your truth to others and to yourself. It is the ability to be assertive and say things honestly with compassion. I hope this episode helps explain some of the important benefits of speaking your truth to others. It you have any questions or comments, reach out to me. Leaving me a podcast review would be cool too! Thanks
  • Coaching For Leaders podcast

    Find Your Courage


    In this episode I talk about ways to find your courage no matter the situation.
  • Coaching For Leaders podcast

    How Can I Be The Best Me?


    How can you be the best version of yourself? Many people want to be the best, but without knowing what that means for them, they'll never realize it. In this episode, we'll discuss what qualities makes you feel better about yourself and how to get there.
  • Coaching For Leaders podcast

    What is your L.E.G.A.C.Y.?


    In this final part of my "Hero's Journey" series of my 1 year signature program I discuss the las tpart of the journey, become the Monarch. You are now ready to lead your kingdom! Check out my Free Class on Authenticity (HERE)Check out my (Signature Program Here - The Hero's Journey)[email protected] (Email )me to get my FREE Assertiveness Guide

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