Christology, Redemptive History, and Hermeneutics podcast

Christology, Redemptive History, and Hermeneutics

Reformed Forum

This lesson is from "Christology, Redemptive History, and Hermeneutics" taught by Lane G. Tipton as part of Reformed Forum’s Fellowship in Reformed Apologetics. This course will explore Van Til's doctrine of the person and work of Christ in polemical engagement with modern christological alternatives. Topics will include a presentation of Van Til's doctrine of the hypostatic union, with an intensive focus on the personalizing relation between the immutable person of the Son and his assumed humanity, along with the bearing of the eternal Son's preexistence on his revelation in redemptive history. Special attention will be given to Van Til's most programmatic treatment of Christology in his neglected but important volume, The Great Debate Today, a work that showcases his sustained appropriation of the pioneering work of Geerhardus Vos and Herman Ridderbos in stunning application to Rudolph Bultmann's so-called program of demythologization. The course concludes with a biblical exposition and pastoral application of Van Til's theology and hermeneutic of the "self-attesting and self-interpreting Christ" of Scripture. Dr. Lane G. Tipton is pastor of Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Easton, Pennsylvania and Fellow of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Reformed Forum.