Capturing Nature podcast

Capturing Nature

Lee Hoy

The Capturing Nature with Lee Hoy is a nature photography podcast that examines the creative, technical, and unpredictable elements of photography in the wild outdoors. This show offers a variety of segments with 3 to 5 segments per episode which are published twice a month. Segments include: On the Road where we will examine traveling and destinations for nature photography; Outdoor Gear Reviews; Break Free with OM-D Gear; Setting Yourself Up for Success where we look at the technical side of photography; Know Before You Click which is an in-depth look at specific species and their behavior; Clicking With . . . interviews with other nature photographers; and The Experience where we blend the technical and creative aspects of nature photography. There are other segments that are sure to inspire, educate, and entertain. Lee Hoy is an OM-D System Pro Ambassador and owner of Big Bend Birding & Photo Tours. He also serves as a photography workshop leader for Wildside Nature Tours and Precision Camera & Video in Austin and Houston, Texas.

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