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LCIL/CPL Webinar: Rapid response on the proposed UK Northern Ireland Protocol Bill (audio)

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The Centre for European Legal Studies (CELS), and the Centre for Public Law (CPL) warmly invite you to an online Rapid Response Seminar on the proposed UK Northern Ireland Protocol Bill. The United Kingdom Foreign Secretary announced on 17 May that a Bill will be introduced in response to "the grave situation in Northern Ireland", there was a "necessity to act to ensure institutions can be restored as soon as possible". (BBC News) While there is still the preference for a negotiated solution the Government highlighted that if a resolution cannot be reached, the UK would take steps to "cement provisions" that are working in the protocol, while "fixing those elements that aren't". The EU expressed grave concern and signalled that countermeasures would be adopted if the UK went ahead with its plans. The two Research Centres of the Faculty of Law have joined forces to analyse two aspects of the proposed cause of action in a rapid response seminar. Experts on EU law and public law will jointly discuss different aspects of the proposal. It will allow enough time for an online Q&A, so please submit your questions through the chat. Speakers: - Professor Lorand Bartels – UK Border Concerns - Professor Catherine Barnard – Linkages of the Protocol with the TCA and similarities/differences in Dispute Settlement - Dr Stefan Theil – Reactions by the EU and in the Member States Broader Systemic Implications - Professor Alison Young – International Legal Advice in the Westminster Government - Dr Markus Gehring – Unilateral Actions in EU and International Law For more information see: and This entry provides an audio source.

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