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WCW Saturday Night on TBS Recap March 2, 1991! They broke up Doom! And Ron Simmons cuts a great promo!

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This week's Time Stamps for our WCW Saturday Night on TBS recap from March 2, 1991 review are as follows:

  • Opening Shenanigans, new and returning Patreon member shoutouts! ( 0:01:08 )
  • Doc and Harper tell old people to get out of the way and what that's got to do with toys and the entire world! ( 0:02:10 ) 
  • A little talk on Flair's last match. If you want a full review on Flair's last match, become a patreon member at or ( 0:06:05 ) 
  • Door to door salespeople and a green energy electrician told me don't do that till it gets cheaper! ( 0:08:10 ) 
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  • Doc and Harper's significant others tried solving a problem that didn't need solving which has led to frustration on their parts! And the P*ntum printer situation has gotten worse! ( 0:16:38 ) 
  • WCW Saturday Night on TBS recap from March 2, 1991! ( 0:23:37 ) 
  • Harper talks about a guy in a wheelchair at Walmart that he caught doing the Javorsky! ( 1:22:43 ) 
  • Ratings and Rolex or Reverse Rolex Time! ( 1:26:38 ) 
  • Information on Harper's Video Shoutout, Life and Relationship. ( 1:28:45 )  1. First things first, email Harper with the details of what you want in your video shoutout or who the shoutout is too. His email address is [email protected]. Also in that email tell him what your paypal address is. 2. Paypal him $20. Harper’s PayPal is, get your pen and paper out, [email protected].  3. Harper will then send you the video to the email address that you emailed him from requesting your video shoutout. That’s it! Don’t email the show email address. Email Harper. If you missed any of those directions, hit rewind and listen again.

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