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Blockchain Won't Save the World

Anthony Day

Cutting through the hype, telling inspiring stories from people and organisations who are creating real change in the world with Blockchain and Exponential technologies. Listened to in over 130 countries worldwide. Hosted by: Anthony Day, Blockchain Partner at IBM

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  • Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast

    S2E12 - Blockchain in the UAE: The Hottest Nation in Blockchain & Crypto


    The UAE is the hottest nation in Blockchain right now! We cover everything from government, enterprise, crypto, legal, tax and how to the UAE plans to attract 1,000 developers a month... The federal government and the c.50 free zones within the UAE are all competing to bring Blockchain, Digital Assets and Crypto innovation to the region. From aggressive national strategies, to incentivising and investing in start-ups, and forming collaborations with some of the biggest players in Blockchain, the UAE is more than just a tax haven for Crypto OGs. Featuring guests from the Dubai Blockchain Centre, Dubai Future Foundation, DMCC, Tezos Foundation, CV VC, du, Etisalat, IBM, Biconomy, Karm Legal, Keystone Law, Abed Group, WoM Protocol and much more... Whether you're into enterprise Blockchain or Web 3 and DeFi, this episode has something for everyone, as well as deep dives on the attraction of Free Zones, why start-ups pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on tax and legal advice, and bilateral government projects with Blockchain. Shout to my amazing guests, including: Marwan Alzarouni (Dubai Blockchain Centre), H.E. Gabriel Abed (Ambassador of Barbados to the UAE), Faisal Al Hawi (Dubai Future Foundation), Fatma Elsafty (du), James Bernard (DMCC), Irina Heaver (Keystone Law), Anthony Butler (IBM), Hubert Thonhauser (Tezos Foundation), Lara Abdulmalak (Unlock Blockchain), Alexia Hefti (Abed Group), Jorge Carrasco (Etisalat), Oliver von Wolff (CV Labs / CV VC), Akshata Namjoshi (Karm Legal), Melanie Mohr (WoM Protocol), Maria Vovchok (World of Web3 Summit), Ahmed Al-Balaghi (Biconomy)
  • Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast

    S2E11 - Blockchain and IoT: Part 2 - Feat. IOTA and Riddle & Code


    Excited to bring you a follow-up to one of the most popular podcasts from Season 1. I'm joined by Holger Koether (IOTA) and Sebastian Becker (Riddle & Code) to discuss the cutting edge work happening in Europe and further afield. In this show we cover: - Benefits of combining Blockchain and IoT - Key use cases that IOTA and R&C are working on today - Creating a European-wide Blockchain infrastructure on public blockchains, enabling machine-to-machine transactions - Learnings for anyone to apply to their own Blockchain & IoT projects If you want to hear more on this topic, check out Season 1 Episode 10 with David Sønstebø and IOTA from Season 1
  • Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast

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  • Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast

    S2E10 - Blockchain in Switzerland: Crypto Valley and the Future of Digital Assets


    Do not miss this episode! Some of the most inspiring, insightful and rich guidance of any podcast I've recorded to-date. 16 of Switzerland's Blockchain Elite talk about the surprisingly long history (as far back as 1934!) of Blockchain, digital currency, start-ups and associations that have put Switzerland in the Top 3 Blockchain nations worldwide. We talk about early Bitcoin developments, establishing foundations like Ethereum, Tezos and Libra, how to found successful start-ups, the venture capital scene, why Blockchain may not be the death of banks, and a healthy amount of Crypto as well!... In this episode we cover: - The history of Blockchain and Digital Currency in Switzerland from 1934 to 2009 to the present day - Why decentralisation is in Switzerland's DNA, and the focus of different regions when it comes to Blockchain  - The many and varied Blockchain associations, and how they co-exist in harmony  - The make-up of the Swiss Blockchain community, from gritty start-ups to glamorous events, retreats and parties - A huge range of use cases, including: Nestle, Wisekey, SEBA Bank, Sygnum, Komgo, FGX, Minespider, Liquity, DFINITY, Smart Valor, 21 Shares, Swisscom Blockchain, the World Trade Organisation, Crypto Finance, Adresta, CV VC and many more... - A special bonus segment on Blockchain in the Luxury Watch industry - How Swiss universities are applying Blockchain principles and open sourcing their courses - Diversity and inclusion in Blockchain, and - What more is needed to scale Digital Assets, Crypto, how to grow Blockchain start-ups and ecosystems, and the industry more widely Shout to my incredible guests: Efi Pylarinou, Emmanuelle Ganne (WTO), Fabian Schaer (University of Basel), Jan Brzeczek (Crypto Finance), Leonie Fluckiger (Adresta), Lucas Betschart (Bitcoin Association Switzerland), Liudmila Zavolokina (University of Zurich), Micha Roon (Energy Web Foundation), Olga Feldmeier (Smart Valor), Paul Meeusen (DFINITY), Pedro Lopez-Belmonte (Richemont), Ralf Glabischnig (CV VC), Roland Cortivo (Swisscom Blockchain), Sheraz Ahmed (Crypto Valley Association), Sina Meier (21 Shares) and Tatjana Meier (IBM)
  • Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast

    S2E9 - Aussie Students React to Well-known Blockchain Projects


    Students from UNSW University Sydney share what excites and scares them about some of the most well-known Blockchain use cases, including Algorand, Quorum, Sovrin, Ocean Protocol, OpenSea, PowerLedger, Helium, and IOTA.   Huge shout to Ambrose, Regio, Sidra, Gian, Rahma, Samuel, Pooja and Guntur for the diligent preparation and insightful and honest perspectives. If you want to watch the YouTube version, check it out here:
  • Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast

    S2E8 - Blockchain in Singapore: The Most Advanced Blockchain Nation in the World?


    With a supportive Government, some of the world's largest trade networks, and a relentless drive for technology innovation, it's no surprise that some of the world's notable Blockchain projects are based in Singapore. We take a fascinating look at how Singapore became a global hub for Blockchain, the role of Government, Cryptocurrencies, and some of the amazing individuals leading the Blockchain community. In this episode we cover: - The history of Blockchain growth in Singapore over the past 5 years - The focus and importance of technology innovation in Singapore - A huge range of use cases, including: MAS, Tribe Accelerator, Contour, DLT Ledgers, Hyperledger, R3, Affinidi Group, Standard Chartered, Accredify, Dedoco, Mighty Jaxx and many more... - A masterclass on the importance of Economics in Blockchain from Lisa Tan - The unique role of Government in driving Blockchain adoption across a range of settings - Blockchain talent and the role of Academia - Diversity and inclusion in Blockchain, and  - What more is needed to scale in a country already steeped in Blockchain success Shout to my incredible guests: Alan Lim (MAS), Amit Ghosh (R3), Andrew Koh (HBL), Arnaud Brolly (SITA), Atul Patel (DLT Ledgers), Carl Wegner (Contour), Ernie Teo (Dedoco), Jenny Goh (IBM), Julian Gordon (Hyperledger), Kevin Pang (SGTECH), Lisa Tan (Economics Design), Ming Ng (Tribe), Steven Koh (GovTech), Zelda Anthony (Standard Chartered), Zheng Wei Quah (Accredify) Special shout also to Khai Wei Ong for the last minute Malay translation! 
  • Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast

    S2E7 Blockchain in the Netherlands - Europe's Busiest Blockchain Nation (50+ Use Cases Included)


    The Netherlands was destined to be a leader in Blockchain and decentralised technology. A global hub for trade, financial services and payments innovation, and with a fascinating history steeped in working together to fight back the water; the Netherlands has all the ingredients to be a Blockchain super power. And they haven't been slacking... This episode cites more than 50 examples of projects or organisations working with Blockchain, as well as some important initiatives like the Dutch Blockchain Coalition that have been driving public-private partnerships locally and globally. This is one for the culture: colourful characters, medieval history, influential start-ups, mega-corporations, government experts and so much more. Shout to an amazing set of guests for this episode:  Arne Rutjes, Jacob Boersma, Olivier Rikken, Marloes Pomp, Robert Verwayen, Simon Lelieveldt, Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt, Bob Gravestiyn, Aljosja Beije, Sabine Brink, Thibault Schrepel, Rutger van Zuidam, Rudolf van Ee, and Anna Klaapwijk On-air shouts to a huge number of companies, organisations and projects: IBM, WBNode, Dutch Blockchain Coalition, Ledger Leopard, Keen Ventures, ABN-Amro, ING, Rabobank, BlockLab, Port of Rotterdam, Shell, TheNewFork, Odyssey, University of Utrecht, Blockchain Netherlands, Deloitte, 2 Tokens, MDex, Bitonic, Python, Philips, Dutch Digital Delta Blockchain Experts Group, Sphereon, WordProof, TomTom,, Adyen,, Guts Tickets, Albert Heijn, Axiom, Equigy/Tennet, Vinturas, Samsung SDS, VAKT, Komgo, We.Trade, Marco Polo, Hyfen, Port XL, T-Mining, Biconomy, Tribe, Port of Singapore, Tu Delft, TU Eindhoven, Groningen University, Nijmegen University, Tilbert University, Maastricht University, Netherlands Bank, Rise, and Female Ventures
  • Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast

    S2E6 - The Roast of Non-Fungible Tokens (The Good and Very Bad of NFTs)


    What do Blockchain, Banksy, concert tickets, sex tapes, baseball cards and Batman have in common?... It's the roast of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and I'm joined by 5 Blockchain superstars who bring different perspectives on the good to the very, very bad of how companies and individuals are looking to transform the world with NFTs and tokens. In this show we cover: - The basics of Blockchain and token technology - The established model for physical collectibles and what we need to consider in the digital world - Digital twins for real-world assets (crypto chips, stickers, wallets and custody) - Legal considerations for tokens, copyright and IP - And a VERY diverse set of NFT examples in the roast (virtual collectibles, ticketing, art, trash art, airlines, postage stamps, malicious calls, tweets, 'intimate' tapes, and more...) Shout to my amazing guests - please go give them a follow: Brendan Cooper, Irina Heaver, Keir Finlow-Bates, Anne Griffin and Sebastian Becker
  • Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast

    S2E5 - Blockchain in India - The Biggest Episode of All Time!


    A country the size of India deserves serious attention, and with 17 Blockchain veterans on this episode, we uncover the fascinating past and the bright future of Blockchain in India. We go all the way back to 2012 and discuss everything from crypto folklore to huge government interest to the army of Blockchain talent that is transforming the tech landscape in every sector in India today. In this episode we cover: - A brief history of Blockchain in India from 2012 to today - Use cases including telecoms, digital identity, life sciences, banking, payments, DeFi, agritech and much more - The Blockchain community from OGs like Polygon (Matic) to AgroTrust, Hyperledger and the Bosch Blockchain Centre of Excellence - The importance of Crypto to Indians, implications of the impending crypto ban, and government interest in CBDC - How huge state governments and the national Blockchain roadmap are shaping India's Blockchain future - How 4 Million software developers get access to Blockchain training from formal and informal settings - The importance of diversity in the India Blockchain community, some positive examples and where more work is needed - Important learnings for scaling Blockchain in terms of capability, leadership, language and regulation A huge shout to the amazing Indian Blockchain leaders who contributed to this episode: Swati Bhide (IBM), Sunil Sharma (SquadX), Gokul Alex (Gigamesh Garage Ventures), Prasanna Lohar (DCB Bank), Debajani Mohanty (My Earth ID), Rajesh Dhuddu (Tech Mahindra), Kamlesh Nagware (Snapper Future Tech), Richa Joshi (Ethereum Push Notification Service), Kalyan Kulkarni (AyanWorks), Gaurav Somwashni (AgroTrust), Krishnan Mohan (Bosch), Raj Kapoor (India Blockchain Alliance), Ishan Roy (Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency), Srinivas Mahankali (National Insitute for Smart Government), Gnana Lakshmi (WileyNXT), Vinod Kashyap (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India), and Sandeep Shukla (Indian Institute of Technology)
  • Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast

    S2E4 Blockchain in Germany - Cars, Crypto & Contradictions


    Germany is a fascinating example of how Blockchain technology can evolve and scale in unexpected ways. Driven by a mix of the cosmopolitan crypto community, engineering-focused start-ups and a national Blockchain strategy (and a few lawyers...) this is not the stereotypical German story you might be expecting. In this episode we cover: - The diverse Blockchain community from Berlin to Bavaria - Germany's little-know history in the emergence of Ethereum and DeFi - The national Blockchain strategy and what it means for enterprise and government - Deep dives into Blockchain at Daimler, The German Energy Authority and Bitwala - The role of academia in accelerating the Blockchain talent pool and research - The importance of the Blockchain Lawyer, and much more... Shout to all my guests on this episode (in order of appearance): Katharina Gehra (Immutable Insight), Florian Glatz (Bundesblock), Dennis Hillemann (KPMG Law), Christoph Iwaniez (Bitwala), Philip Sandner (Frankfurt School Blockchain Centre), Sebastian Becker (Riddle & Code), Philipp Richard (DENA), Harry Behrens (Daimler), Sven Hildebrandt (DLC), Nina Siedler (DWF and INATBA), Bruce Pon (Ocean Protocol), Thomas Jarzombek (German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy), Wolfgang Prinz (Fraunhofer Institute). Also a special shout out to Mr. Bojangles for the fresh beats - love you cuz...
  • Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast

    S2E3 Blockchain in Israel - The Start-up Nation with Global Appeal


    We take a closer look at Israel, known by many as 'Start-up Nation'... A country famous for its production line of entrepreneurs, military-inspired tech, cryptography and most recently Blockchain. Home to over 250 global R&D centres, 6,000 tech companies and 150 Blockchain businesses, Israel has a unique recipe for success in tech - and Blockchain is no exception.  In this episode we cover:  - The rapid adoption of Blockchain in Israel from Bitcoin to ICOs to creating leading global players - The story behind 'Start-up Nation' and why Israel's entrepreneurs are so successful - The diversity and make-up of the Israeli Blockchain community  - Country-specific use cases around Financial Services, Trade, Identity and Healthcare - Chutzpah: the secret, intangible ingredient behind all Israeli successes - And a rare cameo from the legendary Aviv Lichtigstein - Founder of 101 Blockchains Shout to the amazing guests who made this show possible: Yael Rozencwajg, Odelia Torteman, Rena Thomas, Igal Nevo, Kfir Nissan, Gabi Zodik, and Aviv Lichtigstein

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