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Designers, creative directors, actors, athletes: Blamo! explores the world of fashion with the people who shape it. Each week, founder Jeremy Kirkland speaks with a different guest about their journey through their career and outlook on the future.​

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    173 - Willie Macc (Actor, Comedian)


    My guest this week is actor and comedian Willie Macc.He's a comedy king, "midwest nice," and is making the next HGTV show you're going to binge non-stop.Willie and I talk about how he went from editing reality shows to starring in them, his new show on HGTV (Flip It to The Maccs), the best clothes to travel with, standup comedy, and Japanese denim.Follow Willie on Instagram**Sponsored by Standard & Strange – Get the facts on denim hereand Grand Seiko - Celebrate the nature of time this fall with Grand Seiko**Got a hot take? Leave us a voicemail +1.917.267.2495 or email us
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    Suttirat Larlarb and the Costumes of No Time to Die


    I’m so privileged to bring you a special pod with the costume designer, Suttirat Larlarb.You probably have heard of her because she’s responsible for the iconic looks in the recent Bond film, No Time to Die, but she also did the costumes for Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs film and just wrapped the Obi Wan Kenobi show coming soon.But this convo was all about Bond, and she was as gracious and humble as you could imagine.We talk about how the production was set up for the recent Bond film, how they picked those Drake’s boots, and the return of Alexander Olch!**Sponsored by Topper Jewelers check out their curated picks of all the watches from No Time to Die.**
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    172 - Dave Schilling (New Yorker, Galaxy Brains)


    My guest this week is writer Dave Schilling (New Yorker, LA Times, The Guardian).Dave and I chat the films that got him into clothes, his epic podcast Galaxy Brains with Jonah Ray, representation in fashion, David Lynch fits, our love of the night openings IG account, bistro vibes, why the fit pic is the best way to express yourself, Martin Short in Clifford, and why he believes trends don’t matter anymore.**Follow Dave on TwitterGalaxy Brains PodcastNight Openings InstagramClifford (1994)**Sponsored by Standard & Strange – Get the facts on denim hereand Sperry - Sign up and win some dope kicks!**
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    Jeremy & Rob Talk Fall '21 Gear - PATREON PREVIEW


    This week, it’s a one on one pod with Rob Lim & Jeremy.We chat about what’s happening in the B! Slack, Michael Bastian’s recent Brook’s Brothers Collection, going nuts on Aesop, flexing at home with your soap, missing Adam Kimmel, why J. Crew has always been good, and the post model world?Last but not least, #watches channel heat and asking more from the brands we love.**Listen to the entire episode on Blamo! Extra
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    Bonus! - Talking IWC Watches with Asher Rapkin and Jason Heaton


    To celebrate our 10th season and our love of watches, I’m pleased to bring you a special bonus episode with Asher Rapkin of the watch community, Collective and writer Jason Heaton of The Grey Nato, and his recent novel Depth Charge.We discuss our love of all things mechanical, the origins of Collective and their recent collaboration with IWC, the famous “dirty dozen” watches of WW2, and watches we feel were overlooked.If you’re into watches, this is your pod.**Special thanks to Asher Rapkin of Collective and Jason Heaton**
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    171 - Alex/2Tone (Born x Raised)


    My guest this week is Alex/2ToneHe’s an artist, director, and creative director of the cult LA brand Born x Raised. Alex and I discuss his life growing up in the world of graffiti, his love of film and creating the infamous video for Born x Raised. We also chat launching his podcast Powerful Truth Angels with Matty Matheson, and how Born x Raised found its way into the Grand Theft Auto universe.Alex/2Tone's SiteBorn x Raised Video**Sponsored by Standard & Strange – Get the facts on denim hereand Grand Seiko - Celebrate the nature of time this fall with Grand Seiko**Got a hot take? Leave us a voicemail +1.917.267.2495 or email us
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    Brett White on discovering his style through classic TV - PATREON PREVIEW


    It's Blamo! Extra and we're joined by our co-host for these Patreon exclusive pods, Rob Lim.This week we're joined by television writer, senior reporter, producer for Decider, and everyone's favorite fit pic king, Brett White.Brett has been someone who has helped create the resurgence on the styles of classic television and has helped put Bob Newhart back on designer's mood boards.We talk about finding your style from old television, Jeremy's M-65 jacket from Stanley Kubrick, writing books in quarantine, rare comics, and whether or not Bob Newhart has google alerts turned on.Dig in, and dig deep.We're back with season 10 in a few weeks!**Listen to the entire episode on Blamo! Extra
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    Talking Shop with Greg Lellouche of No Man Walks Alone - PATREON PREVIEW


    Rob and I chat with Greg Lellouche, founder of the online menswear boutique No Man Walks Alone. We discuss Japanese brands, his approach to retail, and how retailers have started to get more involved in social justice and mentoring.**Listen to the entire episode on Blamo! Extra
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    Derek Guy of Die! Workwear and the Yee Haw World of Westernwear - PATREON PREVIEW


    We’re continuing to experiment here and also work on new types of shows for the community.This includes pod episodes about what’s happening in the fashion industry, yes more roundtables, but more importantly chats with folks IN the community.Along for the ride will be my co-host Rob Lim.Rob is an OG of the superfuture and early message board days of the industry; he’s an incredible writer and has always been the sage guide of our slack community since we started.I could not pick a better co-host for these pods.This week we’re chatting with Derek Guy of Die! Workwear about the world of western wear and his recent article.Blamo! Season 10 returns in October!**Listen to the entire episode on Blamo! Extra
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    JJJ Show - Jian DeLeon, Jon Moy and Jeremy Kirkland take Vegas


    Our first of many(?) of the JJJ show (working title), aka just us clowns talking about clothes..Jian DeLeon, Jon Moy, and Jeremy Kirkland chat late into the night about what’s happening in fashion.Jian discusses the new concepts at Nordstrom and the re-interpretation of classic menswear, we chat the standards of Engineered Garments, debate if Moy has a goldmine in his old toy collection, gangsters using talkboys, and Jeremy working out with the Warriors in Vegas.A pod for the ages! Join us on this hero's journey in the garm' world.**Listen to the entire episode on Blamo! Extra

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