Big Love with Arielle Ford podcast

Happy Money and LOVE with Japan’s #1 motivational speaker and author Ken Honda.

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We discuss Ken’s latest book
Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money and take a look eat the impact on money and marriage and much more!

1) Happy Money

2) Myth of scarcity

3) Ken Honda

4) Prosperity; Abundance

5) Is your money smiling

6) Relationship with Money

7) Domo arigato

8) Japan's bestselling zen millionaire

9) Abundance-blocking money beliefs

10) Love of money fear of money

11) Maro up

12) Japanese art making peace with money

13) Marie Kondo method; Tidying Up

14) Money belief system

15) Spark Joy

16) Improve money EQ

17) Wahei Takeda

18) Embrace giving

19) Financial freedom

20) Being thankful

21) Money IQ

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