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yvngxchris | Before They Were Famous | How He Went Viral With "Blood On The Leaves"

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Despite being only 16-years-old, the rapper known as yvngxchris has pretty much nothing in common with your average teenager. That wasn’t always the case mind you, but after popping off with multiple viral tracks, this young man went from falling asleep in class to working with A-list acts and signing a record deal with Columbia all before turning 17. Hailing from Virginia and inspired by some of the best to ever do it, Chris has made sure to study some of the greats that have come before him so that he can be his absolute best. After posting videos of himself rapping to social media, he began recording bangers on his phone before finally experiencing his breakthrough moment in October of 2020 with his song “Kyrie Irving”. What to learn more? Then keep watching our newest episode of Before They Were Famous!

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    Rico Nasty | Before They Were Famous | Why Playboi Carti Fans Hate Her?


    In the span of about five years, Rico Nasty has gone from a local DMV celebrity to a global hip-hop superstar. Emerging on SoundCloud as a genre-bending musician comfortable enough to blend together rock, emo, and hip-hop, this teenaged mother had not only the tenacity to create her own style but the strength to succeed. Whether she’s feeling a little Rico Nasty, Tacobella, or Trap Lavigne, Rico always has a personality that’s ready to suit the moment – a survival technique she picked up along the way after a childhood spent losing some of the people closest to her -- like her dad to prison and the young man who would father her child to an asthma attack. Want to hear the incredible true story of Rico Nasty? Then keep watching our newest episode of Before They Were Famous!
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    NBA Ben 10 | Before They Were Famous | How He Related to NBA YoungBoy?


    I’m sure a whole bunch of you know all too well who NBA YoungBoy is – but did you know that his cousin is also a part of his “Never Broke Again” crew? Going by the name NBA Ben 10, this young man has been swept up in his Cousin’s life-style and I mean that for both good and bad. He’s been there for his cousin since day one, growing up on the streets of Baton Rouge in Louisiana and whenever YoungBoy would get into trouble with the law, so would Ben. Now, only about 8 months after YoungBoy was arrested on an FBI warrant and placed in prison, NBA Ben 10 is making his musical debut on “Never Broke Again: The Compilation Vol 1”, which features him alongside other associates like NoCap, Quando Rondo, Big B, and many more. But questions remain -- not the least of which is -- who is Ben 10, really? And is he bound to spend as much time behind bars as his world-famous cousin? Those answers and more in our latest episode of Before They Were Famous.
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    Lil Candy Paint | Before They Were Famous | How Song "22" Changed His Life?


    When the underground movement of hip-hop started to gain real traction off the reputation of a bunch of SoundCloud rappers in the mid-2010s, Lil Candy Paint was right at the forefront of the scene. With roots in the great state of Georgia, Lil Candy’s career to this point in time has largely consisted of singular moments that could be split up into chapters; his early SoundCloud success, his team-ups with Duwap Kaine that helped him cross over into the mainstream & finally his breakthrough songs of recent memory like his collaboration with the one and only Bhad Bhabie which we even made a video about over on Tik Tok. So, how did a young kid with a sweet tooth and a love for fast cars wind up taking over the Atlanta hip-hop scene? Also, how did he come up with a name like Lil Candy Paint? Keep watching Before They Were Famous to find out!
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    Virgil Abloh | Gone But Not Forgotten | Tribute To The Life Of Legendary Designer


    From the very beginning of his career, Virgil Abloh was about positioning a new era of fashion designers to be heralded as rock stars. He wrote as much in an original piece he penned for the “The Brilliance” blog in 2007, and if he had been able to jump into a time machine back then to travel to right now, then I think he’d be incredibly proud to discover he managed to accomplish just that. He not only re-defined the idea of modern fashion designer but in 2018 he has appointed the head of menswear design at Louis Vuitton, making him the first black designer ever to earn the opportunity. At the age of only 41, Virgil had somehow managed to accomplish more than most of us can ever hope to do in an entire lifetime -- but then, in November of 2021, he passed away after a private battle with a very aggressive form of cancer. So, in honor of his life, we’re going to take a look back at some of his most remarkable accomplishments and fill you in on the unbelievable but true story of the modern era’s most influential designer.
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    Remble | Before They Were Famous | Drakeo The Ruler Favourite Rapper


    One random day about six years ago, a high school student named Cooper Remble was sitting in his bedroom minding his own business when a buddy brought over some studio equipment. Before long, these two were recording their own songs and daydreaming of becoming hip-hop superstars. Well, flash-forward to today and the California rapper now known simply as Remble has accomplished just that off the back of a distinctive style that the internet just can’t seem to get enough of. Do you know how there are mumble rappers? Well, Remble is more or less the opposite of that. In fact, a whole bunch of people online refer to him jokingly as a “clarity” rapper because he makes sure to properly enunciate every word that comes out of his mouth. Now, after a monumental couple of years, Remble has signed to Drakeo the Ruler’s Stinc Team, a crew that he’s been a fan of since long before he started taking rap seriously. Sometimes, it just all comes full-circle when you’re willing to put in the work. Want to learn just how hard Remble had to hustle? Then keep watching our newest episode of Before They Were Famous!
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    Sean Kingston | Where Are They Now? | Tragic Downfall Of His Career


    A little over a decade ago, there was a time when Sean Kingston ruled the summer airwaves with big-time singles like “Beautiful Girls”, “Take You There”, and his Justin Bieber collaboration, “Eenie Meenie”. This Miami-born singer of Jamaican heritage broke through into the industry with the help of MySpace and became one of the first musicians to capitalize on having a significant online presence. His ability to craft dance-friendly melodies in the genres of dancehall, R8B, and hip-hop went largely unmatched for years, but upon entering the 2010’s Kingston’s career would begin to cool down. Then, in 2011 came a near-losing life experience that shifted his priorities leading to him take a step-back from the industry. Today, Sean Kingston is finally gearing up to release his first album in nearly 10 years. Want to find out what’s brought him back? Then keep watching our newest episode of Where Are They Now!
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    T. Roy | Before They Were Gone | Who Was O'Block's Best Assassin In Real Life?


    Hailing from the O’Block, the man known as T. Roy was a close personal friend to both Chief Keef and King Von. He helped shepherd Chief’s career through its infancy by ensuring that if a problem ever sprung up, he’d be the one to take care of it. And when you’re a wannabe rapper looking to make it off the streets of Chicago, Illinois, believe me, problems do crop up. After claiming multiple bodies and assisting with assaults on many, many more, T. Roy would be surprise attacked on Valentine’s Day in 2017 and gunned down by Tyquan World member TB, a man he had reportedly been in the process of hunting down himself. Want to learn more about the unbelievable story of the man known as T. Roy? Then keep watching out the newest episode of Before They Were Gone.
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    Icewear Vezzo | Before They Were Famous | Biography Of Detroit Legend


    Rapper Icewear Vezzo is more or less the personification of Detroit’s finest. He also just happens to be the city’s newest mainstream superstar, following in the footsteps of some equally big legends like Big Sean and Eminem. Of course, if you were to ask Icewear Vezzo about it, he’d also bring up names like Tee Grizzley, Babyface Ray, Peezy, and a whole lot more to prove his point that few places produce as many talented artists as his hometown. But just because he’s here now doesn’t mean that Vezzo’s journey to success wasn’t long and arduous. Growing up on the streets of Detroit is like trying to traverse a minefield and eventually, Vezzo’s choices caught up with him right as he was popping off, almost derailing his entire career. Want to learn how Icewear Vezzo went from running a weed-op at 13 to overcoming all the odds to become Detroit’s most recent success story? Then keep watching Before They Were Famous!
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    Cochise | Before They Were Famous | New Playboi Carti


    Across all musical genres, hip-hop is undoubtedly the most difficult to set yourself apart in. A lot of that has to do with the sheer number of new artists popping up every day, leading to more than a little oversaturation. Having a wealth of options to choose from can be positive, but when there’s so much choice that you don’t even know where to look, that’s when things can get out of hand. Lucky for you we’re here to tell you about up-and-coming Florida rapper, Cochise, a man who combines the influences of artists like Busta Rhymes and Bob Marley to create his own fusion of dancehall and hip-hop. But he doesn’t stop just there – he also infuses his tracks with a healthy dose of anime, sports, movie, and pop-culture references, wrapping it all up in hypnotizing vocals. Want to learn more? Then keep watching Before They Were Famous!
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    Violet Myers | Before They Were Famous | Your Favorite Waifu


    Violet Myers is about as thick as a milkshake and every bit as sweet. This former college student she’s been a geek-at-heart since day one. After studying psychology at University for a few years, Violet learned the ins and outs of getting exactly what she wanted from any guy who might happen to come her way. Next, she tinkered with the idea of becoming a cam-girl, but soon after discovered that she liked partnering up with her adult-film co-stars a whole lot more than going it solo. Want to learn more about the come-up of Violet Myers? Then pour yourself a nice cold milkshake and settle into our newest episode of Before They Were Famous.

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