Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

Beach's Motorcycle Adventures

Beach's Motorcycle Adventures

A lifetime of experience riding motorcycles and traveling have taught Rob Beach the finer points of how to have a great vacation on two wheels in a foreign land. Joined by his Public Relations sidekick, Mike Knott, and other special guests, you are sure to have a good time and maybe even learn something. New episodes drop every Friday!

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  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

    Grant & Susan Johnson, Horizons Unlimited - Episode 25


    Rob, Mike, Grant and Susan talk international motorcycle travel. Listen in as the experts of independent travel and the pro's of the touring industry trade tips and tricks. Grant & Susan are veteran motorcycle travellers - RTW north to south, two up on a 1986 BMW R80 G/S from 1987. They've been to over 50 countries since then, traveling and working all over the world, and they're not finished yet!
  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

    The Central Alpine Tours - Episode 24


    Rob gives Mike a detailed description of Beach's central alpine tours including the Classic Alpine Adventure, Dolomite Domination, Swiss Splendor, and Alpine Apogee.
  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

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  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

    Walt Fulton & Nancy Foote, Streetmasters - Episode 23


    Today's guest is Walt Fulton. Walt is a former three-time winner at Daytona and team racer for Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. He was a featured rider in the documentary "On Any Sunday". He is a BMW Legends racer, a professional motorcycle accident reconstruction expert, motorcycle journalist and a private riding instructor.Along with his partner, Nancy Foote they are Streetmasters.
  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

    John Flores, BMW RA - Episode 22


    John Flores is the Chief of Content at BMW Riders Association and editor of On The Level. Join Rob & Mike as they chat with John about the BMW Riders Association and their magazine, the new BMW R18 Cruiser, digital advertising, and more!
  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

    Steph Jeavons - Episode 21


    Rob & Mike have a fascinating chat with Steph Jeavons about all her adventures, and particularly about her newest book released on September 3rd. One woman’s solo journey to ride all seven continents on two wheelsWelsh girl Steph Jeavons ran away to see the world. She wanted to see the sunset from every angle. She wanted to see an orangutan and a baobab tree. She wanted to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe and ride a motorcycle on all seven continents - and to sing karaoke on the way.Steph’s cravings for escapism manifest themselves in many ways throughout her life. The book begins in her late teens where she finds herself in prison by the age of twenty. She knows there is a whole world beyond that razor wire just calling out to be explored.Twenty years later, and armed only with a stern tone of voice she reserves for naughty dogs, drunk Turks, Iranian taxi drivers, semi-conscious British soldiers and Saudi truckers, she rides her trusty steed Rhonda the Honda solo around the world, to the highest, driest, wettest, hottest and coldest corners of the earth.This is a powerful and honest memoir written from the perspective of a liberated single woman taking on the world with a dogged determination to complete her mission at all costs.Home by Seven is told with honesty and wit and from a unique perspective.Buy her book here:
  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

    The Island Interlude - Episode 20


    Rob & Mike talk with Ken Condon about the Island Interlude; a two-week tour of the islands of Sardinia, Italy and Corsica, France. Ken is joining the Island Interlude in 2021 as our on-tour riding coach. Ken's training is legendary, and tour members have the option of spending time riding under Ken's expert tutelage.
  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

    Mardelle Peck - Episode 19


    In this casual conversation, Rob & Mike get to know Mardelle Peck. An inspiration now in her early seventies, Mardelle began racing in 2012 at 65-years-old. She has proved her mettle by clinching third place in the expert category of motorcycle racing in the Afemme Championship. So what lead her to do this to begin with? Rob & Mike find out. You can watch her story here: a bit of the behind the scenes can be found here:
  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

    Dave Darcy of MAD TV - Episode 18


    Rob & Mike chat with Dave Darcy of Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV for a general discussion about motorcycle adventure, filming it and living it. A laid back conversational hour long interview that covers some interesting stuff.
  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

    What Should We Watch? - Episode 17


    A discussion of favorite motorcycle movies & shows, including:Easy RiderMoto GP - motogp.comWorld Superbike - worldsbk.comMoto America - motoamerica.comAmerican Flat Track Racing on NBC SportsSupercross SeriesOn Any SundayDrive Mag Riders - Boots - Way Round - longwayround.comMotorcycle DiariesMotorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV - Mission Manx - Moto - The Forgotten Dakar Story - Racing - speedwaygp.comThe Roadside ProphetsHell RideDust to GloryThe Born LosersTime RiderThe World's Fastest IndianThe Wild OneOne WeekThe Brown BunnyDrive to SurviveWild Hogs
  • Beach's Motorcycle Adventures podcast

    Kayla Yaakov - 13 Year Old Motorcycle Racer - Episode 16


    Our special guest today is 13-year-old Kayla Yaakov. Hailing from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Kayla was racing semi-pro and pro road races by the time she was 10. Now, at 13 years old, she’s brought home over 300 race wins at tracks all around the country. In 2017 she won 11 national championships as an amateur. She won seven national championships, including two amateur AMA Grand National Championships in 2018. In 2019 she won five national championships as an expert, including the AMA Lightweight Superbike Expert Grand National Championship. You can follow Kayla at @kayla_yaakov on Instagram and at kcrayyaakov on Facebook.

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