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Richard Lander: Containerization and Linux - Episode 289

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Richard Lander is a Principal Program Manager on the .NET team at Microsoft. He’s been with Microsoft since 2000, and working on .NET since 2003! Currently, he’s working on runtime features, docker container experience, blogging, and customer engagement. He’s also part of the design team that defines new .NET runtime capabilities and features.


Topics of Discussion:

[4:31] Richard talks about the technologies that we should already be using and what we should be looking to adopt in the near future.

[6:58] Azure services.

[7:22] The benefits of using Aspire, and why people should be interested in using it.

[14:00] What has Richard been working on over the last several years?

[14:14] Improving container image size and reducing complexity in a.NET application.

[19:52] Web Assembly and WASI, web assembly system interface.

[23:48] Docker containers have a spec called OCI, open container initiative.

[26:50] Canonical and building chiseled containers.

[36:02] Nano-framework.

[36:53] Using Raspberry Pi for edge computing and density in IoT projects.

[41:38] Using Linux and Windows for development work.

[46:55] Improving container image publishing experience in .NET.


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