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ATPL Assist

Sam Piri

Studying for your ATPL exams? Looking to maximise your time learning the content? Well look no further, hit play and dive in to some light hearted ATPL exam revision on the go with ATPL student pilot and qualified science teacher Sam Piri .

Mapped to the new ATPL CAA scheme Sam, a highy trained human anatomist former qualified teacher and trainer of NHS medical professionals and now turned Pilot will walk you through the principles of each subject in this series of podcasts. We break down the content and help you reinforce it, as well as offering top tips for the CAA exams. TEST YOURSELF with recorded poser questions in every episode, formulate answers to based on what's been covered then replay the podcast to determine if you've got it correct!

Be economical with your learning, gain another perspective or simply use us as background noise, never waste a learning minute with ATPL assist available on demand!

Listen & learn with us!

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