Arcane: The History of Magic podcast

Arcane: The History of Magic


Arcane: The History of Magic (premiering October 7th) releases new episodes on the first and third Wednesday of each month, weekly in October. Arcane is aimed at anyone who is interested in magic, history, or fantasy. Each episode delves into the theory and practice of historical magic. While this subject is often dark and unusual, it is equally intriguing and wondrous. Whether sharing stories about magic in history, debunking modern misconceptions about it, or tracing the historical roots of magic's modern representations in fantasy and popular culture, Arcane will show that (far from a niche subject) magic was thoroughly interwoven into the lives of people throughout history. From Greco-Egyptian magician-priests to medieval Christian necromancers, from Arabic alchemists to early modern cunning men & wise women, our history is filled with people who practiced magic - and even non-practitioners understood it to be as real and universal as the internet is today.

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